Con on the Cob 2022

The Partake of Pizza In Your Pajamas Party

Put on pajamas. Partake of pizza. Proceed to play. Repeat as necessary. It's the Children of the Cob Saturday afternoon pizza party featuring Santa Claus and all sorts of exciting jazz! Children of the Cob and their guests only, if you please.

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Maximum Tickets 40
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Time Zone America/New_York (UTC {{ '2022-10-08 16:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})
Where & When (local to convention) Saturday from {{ '2022-10-08 16:00:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }} to {{ '2022-10-08 17:50:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }}
Con Suite Space in The Con Suite
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