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Tabletop Game Convention Management


Total Event Management

From badges and tickets to a transactional ledger and full API, we've got you covered. Tabletop.Events is a convention in a box.

Easy To Use

Automatically schedule thousands of user submitted events in seconds. Tabletop.Events is the easy button you've been looking for.

Better Attendee Engagement

Tabletop.Events works well on all devices, and interacts with your users through web, social media, and email to keep them engaged.

Pass Fees To Attendees

We charge a small fee per badge that most convention organizers pass on to their attendees. Most organizers pay nothing to use Tabletop.Events.

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Photo of Patricia Stedman
“Tabletop.Events is superior to everything I've seen.”
~ Patricia Stedman, Manager of Gaming at Phoenix Comicon
Photo of Anne Holmes
“Using Tabletop.Events has been a wonderful experience, it saved me many hours of work!”
~ Anne Holmes, Director of Midwinter Gaming Convention

Total Event Management


Tabletop.Events will let you define and sell all kinds of badges from VIPs to day passes, and you can visually design and print them too. Plus Tabletop.Events can help run your registration desk.


Your audience can submit board game events, panels, or whatever you desire. You can then automatically schedule thousands of them in seconds and be ready to sell, or schedule manually if you prefer.


You can define all your rooms, tables, and auditoriums. You can upload maps of the venue and each room. You can even define rules for each space in the venue, like what event types are allowed in which spaces.

Photo of Luke Gygax
“I am very pleased with Tabletop.Events. Very smooth registration. Great customer service.”
~ Luke Gygax, Founder of Gary Con
Photo of Matt Worden
“Tabletop.Events made everything before and during the event run smoothly.”
~ Matt Worden, Director of Protospiel Minnesota

Easy To Use

Guided Checklists

Our software will walk you through each step for setting up your own convention from designing a custom theme to setting up and selling badges and tickets.

Management Tools

Tabletop.Events will help you build your site, manage your finances, show you important statistics in real-time, and easily export your data to spreadsheets.

Mobile Friendly

Every aspect of your convention from convention management to attendee facing pages will work great on full desktops and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Photo of Sean Brown
“My experience with Tabletop.Events has been nothing short of excellent!”
~ Sean Brown, Organizer of B-Con
Photo of Brett Bloczynski
“Tabletop.Events is an awesome app!”
~ Brett Bloczynski, Director of Evercon

Better Attendee Engagement

Keep In Touch

You can post to the included blog and send email blasts out to all your attendees quickly and easily. And not just plain text, you can include images and video with ease.

Self Service

Much of the customer service work is automated by Tabletop.Events. This allows your attendees to modify their purchases without having to contact you, and even update the name on their badge.

Social Media Integration

When you set in motion important activities Tabletop.Events will automatically make posts to social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Photo of John Engel
“Tabletop.Events is proving to be a marvel for me already.”
~ John Engel, Store Owner of Mission: Fun and Games
Photo of Brian Hoffman
“Tabletop.Events already has answers to questions I haven’t thought of yet.”
~ Brian Hoffman, Director of Clearwater Con

Pass Fees To Attendees

Attendees Pay Small Fees

There are no costs to you to use Tabletop.Events. Instead we charge a small 3.1% + $0.99 per badge fee (plus credit card fees) to your attendees. Absorb the fees in your badge price, or pass them along to the attendees.

Cash Transactions Free

Any cash or check transactions you do at your conventions are completely free of charge. That includes the cash transactions that are managed by our registration desk system.

Administration Is Free

Administratively created badges and tickets cost nothing. We charge nothing for hosting your convention. We charge no module fees. We charge no licensing fees.

Photo of Brad Kelley
“Tabletop.Events should be nominated for an ENnie. It has my vote.”
~ Brad Kelley, Manager of Midwest Game Fest
Photo of Matt Rowles
“Tabletop.Events is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who's running a con.”
~ Matt Rowles, former Owner of GenghisCon


Badge Sales

Define as many badge types as you like. Set quantities available. Set sales and privilege levels. Create categories if you have many badge types. Set configurable fields like T-Shirt size. Your attendees can buy multiple badges at one time.

Badge Printing

Visually design your own badges on the site. Upload a logo. Set colors. Determine what info is displayed on the badges. And for a small fee we can even print your badges for you.

Registration Desk Management

Check in your attendees using Tabletop.Events. Accept cash or credit card transactions at the registration desk. Print badges and tickets right at your registration desk!

Photo of Steve Sanders
“Tabletop.Events has made organizing our convention such an easy process! I'd recommend it to anyone running a convention.”
~ Steve Sanders, Chairperson of Heroicon
Photo of Dominick Trascritti
“I am so happy how easy Tabletop.Events is to use and manage the show.”
~ Dominick Trascritti, Secretary for HMGS-South


User Submissions

Define the types of events you're willing to accept as submissions. Let your users submit events. You can then approve them, request changes, or put them on hold while you wait for more submissions.

Automatic Scheduling

The auto-scheduler will use the information provided by both you and your users to automatically slot each event into a time and location that works for everyone. It takes just seconds to schedule thousands of events.

Ticket Sales

You can sell physical tickets, or just use digital tickets for attendees to reserve their space in a game or as an audience member at a seminar. You can even sell badges that have early access to buy tickets as VIGs.

Management Tools

Site Building

Tell your users all about your convention. Link in other sites, images, and videos just by pasting in the link, Tabletop.Events will automatically format it. You can even create your own look and feel without any HTML experience.

Data Exports

Want a spreadsheet with all your attendees? No problem. Need the complete list of events for your program? You and your attendees can export that at any time. Want a complete listing of all your financial transactions? We've got that too!

Real-Time Statistics

Tabletop.Events can not only tell you how many people bought a particluar badge, or how much profit you've made so far; it can even give you insights about the future by telling you things like how many badges are sitting in carts waiting to check out. Plus you can plug in Google Analytics to track your web traffic!

Want to know more?

This short video will walk you through the basics of running a convention on Tabletop.Events, in less than 5 minutes.