Con on the Cob 2022



That, my friend, is a very brilliant and handsome question. Coins on the Cob are a special unit of currency established by the Second National Bank of Coblonia (which is located in my basement). Despite the fact they may only be spent at Con on the Cob (something about international trade regulations, Federal minting practices, the gold standard, and other boring things I slept through), they are supremely valuable when compared to similar insignificant plastic disks. They’re basically overly flamboyant tiddly winks.


What do they look like?

Well, the ones we made in 2010 look like this:


They feature a poorly drawn coblin on the “heads” side and a lovingly mooning butt on the “tails” side. We might make new ones this year. We’ll just have to see how worthy everyone turns out to be…


May I please see a close-up picture of them?

You may indeed see a close-up picture of them.



How do peeps earn them?

Peeps earn Coins on the Cob by running games and panels at Con on the Cob! There are, however, a few rules to which recipients must adhere. I shall list them thusly:

Register to run games or panels at Con on the Cob 2022. You will receive one $1 coin for each hour of games or events you register to host. If you run a four hour game slot you will earn an extra Coin on the Cob ($5 for four hours).

You must preregister for your con badge and submit your games through the website by August 1, 2022. You can still register online after that date but you WILL NOT receive Coins on the Cob for events submitted after August 1st.

You must actually show up at your game or event in order to collect Coins on the Cob. You can’t just register to run games, collect your coins, and then not run the game. In fact, the entire reason we decided to implement the Coins on the Cob program is because some not-to-be-named Game Masters were abusing the privileges afforded them by the discounted GM badge, thus ruining the entire concept of discounted GM badges for everyone.

We will also be rewarding peeps at Con on the Cob with Coins on the Cob for random acts of awesomeness.

Pick up your Coins on the Cob at Gaming HQ at the start of your game session. Pathfinder and other peripheral HQs will also have them for dispersal to worthy GMs.


This sounds like one of the coolest things in the history of history. Tell me more! Specifically, tell me what I’m supposed to do with them once I have them.

Okay! See, here’s the thing, Coins on the Cob are just like money (but better for reasons best left mysterious). There are several ways in which you can spend them:

You can use them in the CotC art show to buy incredible works of art. Exchange Rate: 1 Coin = $1

You can spend them in the Mother of All Marketplaces, Con on the Cob’s very own vendor hall. They work exactly like cash. Vendors may exchange Coins on the Cob for cash at the CotC Registration desk or apply them toward next year’s booth. This can be done on Sunday after 2pm. Exchange Rate: 1 Coin = $1

You can use them at the CotC Souvenirium to nab yourself some sweet, sweet stickers, t-shirts, and other Con on the Cob souvenirs and memorabilia. Exchange Rate: 1 Coin = $1

You can apply them toward next year’s Con on the Cob registration badge. Exchange Rate: 1 Coin = $1

You can use them to buy raffle tickets for Con on the Cob’s incredibly incredible raffle, supervised by none other than THE RAFFLER himself! Exchange Rate: 1 Coin = THREE RAFFLE TICKETS!!!!!! You can save them for posterity. They are pretty nifty souvenirs in their own right.


Okay, so I am remembering that I have to reserve my badge and submit my games to the schedule no later than August 1. Anything else I need to know?

This guy invested in Coins on the Cob and look at him now!


Get your shiny wazoo to Con on the Cob if you want to enter that contest where you can win a free badge.


Iwanttowinabadgefor nothing