Con on the Cob 2022

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Oh, man, are you in for a treat if you dig painting and sculpting little metal monsters and peeps and whatnot…

Con on the Cob’s miniature painting realm, sponsored by Reaper Miniatures and Mutha Oith Creations‘ line of Low Life Miniatures, is stocked with paint, free minis, and talented teachers to show you the ropes, answer your questions, and get your paint on in a major way. It’s one of the most popular activities at Con on the Cob and the tables are almost always abustle.


Is there a Miniature painting contest?

Of course there is, you silly goose. It has prizes and multiple categories and all sorts of interesting facets. You can enter minis you bring with you or paint them on site. It’s up to you. The categories kind of depend on what gets entered, so bring anything you want to show off. Best in show even wins a coveted Corny Award!


What about painting and sculpting demos and workshops?

Those abound as well. Professional, industry-leading, miniature sculptor Sandra Garrity will be there to show you various sculpting techniques and our team of talented painters will get their brushes wet (with paint; also with water to clean them) before your very eyes. That last sentence sounded cooler in my head.