Con on the Cob 2022



Entertainment, you say?

I'm not trying to oversell it or anything, but Con on the Cob is goosin' WORLD FAMOUS for its awesome entertainment programming.

While some cons (we won't name names) don't even have live music, drag shows, burlesque shows, spelling bees, trivia games, karaoke, Rocky Horror viewings, reptile shows, and the like (seriously, can you even imagine a con without a drag show?) Con on the Cob has such things in abundance! IN ABUNDANCE, I TELLS YA!!!!!!



Here's what's confirmed and cooking so far:

Live performances by


SCHAFFER THE DARKLORD Saturday at 10:00pm

VOICE-HAVING MURDER THUGGG KILLAZ Collaborative Jam!!!! Friday at 7:00pm

Huge Euge Friday at 8:00pm

Juice Lee Friday at 9:00pm

Mark Cooper Friday at 10:00pm

2d6 Friday at 11:00pm

Devo Spice Saturday at 8:00pm

Worm Quartet Saturday at 9:00pm

The Con on the Cob Queens of Drag Saturday at 11:00pm

Violin Virtuoso Justin Curry TBA


And wondrously engaging activities such as

Karaoke On the Cob Saturday at 12:00am

Jungle Mango's Reptile Show** Saturday at 11:00am

The CotC Geeky Spelling Bee Saturday at 3:00pm

The CotC Geeky Trivia Game hosted by The Tangent Bound Network Saturday at 4:00pm

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Sunday at 12:00am

The CotC Costume Parade & Trick or Treating Extravaganza Saturday at 6:00pm

And there are so many more great things to be announced as they are confirmed! Check back here often if such things are of interest.


What if I want to perform?

Please contact Mark for if you are interested in performing at Con on the Cob.



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