Con on the Cob 2022

The CotC Costume Contest

It's the Con on the Cob costume contest! Everyone in a costume is encouraged to participate. There are prizes and accolades in abundance and the Best In Show winner even earns a coveted CORNY AWARD!!!

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Cosplay has always been an important part of Con on the Cob. We love the characters. We love the creativity. We love the ingenuity, the craftsmanship, the energy, and the performances. We also love other things about it but that's what comes to mind as I type this.

In an effort to step up our Cosplay game we are extremely jazzed to announce some great changes and additions to the annual Costume Contest and the Cosplay Programming Track in general.



The CotC Costume Contest is a prejudged event. This is an opportunity for contestants to let the judges know all about their costume, the work put into it, the inspiration behind it, or anything else special about it.

Contestants have two options when it comes to registering for Costume Contest Pre-Judging:

  • Sign up in person at Cosplay HQ at any time Cosplay HQ is open until 3pm on Saturday (see above)
  • Use THIS ONLINE FORM to sign up by 3pm on Saturday (coming soon)



  • Prejudging is from 2pm-5pm on Saturday at Cosplay HQ
  • Even if a contestant signed up online they must still check in at Cosplay HQ by 3pm on Saturday
  • Contestants will be assigned a 5 minute time slot for prejudging (10 minutes for groups)
  • If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled judging slots we will do our best to work with you to make it happen. Please speak with the staff at Cosplay HQ.



In order to ensure a safe, fair, and exciting contest the following rules and policies are in place:

  • All participants must possess a Con on the Cob 2022 convention badge
  • Contestants must be signed up and prejudged in order to compete
  • See the Con on the Cob Rules & Policies page for general rules and policies



The cosplay showcase is Saturday starting at 6pm on the main stage. Strut your stuff, show off your costume, prance around like a dork, do a little dance, whatever... You’ll have a chance to tell the audience about your cosplay and may be asked a few questions by the Host.

Awards will be awarded at the end of the Costume Contest. The Corny Award for Best In Show will be presented at the Closing Ceremony.



Contestants are categorized according to their level of skill and experience. Each contestant chooses which skill category to enter, according to the standards described below, although judges reserve the right to adjust a contestants skill level if they feel the contestant is attempting to enter at a level below their actual skill.


All children of the Cob (ages 10 and under) are encouraged to participate in the costume contest, although they are exempt from prejudging and all kids who walk the stage will earn a prize.


If at least one of the following criteria are met you may enter in this category:

  • You have never won first place in a convention costume contest
  • You have entered three or fewer convention costume contests


You must enter in this category or higher if any of these items are be true:

  • You have previously won an award in the Novice category at any convention
  • You have entered more than three convention costume contests
  • You have made at least ten costumes


If any of the following are accurate you must enter in this category:

  • You have previously won an award in the Journeyman (or higher) category at any convention
  • You have won a First Place or Best In Show award at Con on the Cob
  • You have made more than 25 costumes
  • You work or have worked in the cosplay or costume industry




  • Each kid who participates in this category will nab a special prize


  • Free 4 Day Badge for Con on the Con 2023
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 10 Coins on the Cob


  • Con on the Cob T-Shirt
  • Free 4 Day Badge for Con on the Con 2023
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 20 Coins on the Cob


  • Con on the Cob T-Shirt
  • Free 4 Day Badge for Con on the Con 2023
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • $100 Cash


  • Con on the Cob T-Shirt
  • Free 4 Day Badge for Con on the Con 2023
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • $100 Cash
  • A Coveted Corny Award


  • Each judge will present an award based on criteria of their own conception...