RPG Alliance Nov 20 & 21 2021

Sponsors 2021

We'd like to thank the generous sponsors of RPG Alliance Con 2021!

Dickens Pub

Dickens is a focus for many types of communities and artistic events from live music metal bands to Pride drag shows. Owners Chris and Ambor Hewitt have built a much loved venue for the Gamers of Calgary (Board Gamers, RPG Gamers, LARPs, Hearth Stone), with their Gamer Sundays where the entire pub is devoted to gaming! They have hosted all of the RPGA-Cons and without them we would not exist. Chris and Ambor host many charity events all year long and they are majorly involved with the Terminus Festival, an annual multi-day dark electronic/ synth/ industrial festival featuring bands from all over the world held in Calgary. So when in Calgary, Canada, you have GOT to visit this hub of so many communities!

Address: 1000 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y6

TWITCH @dickensyyc

FACEBOOK @dickensyyc

Dickens Pub

Actual plays, Mutants & Masterminds Panel, The Expanse content, plus prizes from Green Ronin!

Publisher of Mutants & Masterminds, The Expanse, The AGE system, Blue Rose and more.

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games. Since the year 2000 Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such roleplaying game hits as Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and Mutants & Masterminds, and winning over 40 awards for excellence. For an unprecedented three years running Green Ronin won the prestigious GenCon & EnWorld Award for Best Publisher.

Green Ronin

A digital swag pack for all attendees! Plus prizes from Troll Lord Games!

Publisher of Castles & Crusades, The World of Aihrde, and other systems including content for 5e.

Troll Lord Games

Prizes from The Design Mechanism!

Publisher of Mythras, Lyonesse, Monster Island, and more.

The Design Mechanism

Digital prizes from One Bookshelf & Dungeon Masters Guild!

A family of premiere online marketplaces also including DriveThruRPG, Dungeon Masters Guild, DriveThruCards, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault.

One Bookshelf & Dungeon Masters Guild

Digital prizes from R. Talsorian Games!

Publisher of Cyberpunk RED, The Witcher TRPG, Mekton, Castle Falkenstein, Teenagers from Outer Space.

R. Talsorian Games

Digital prizes from Hunters Entertainment!

Publisher of Outbreak: Undead, Kids on Brooms, Altered Carbon, Alice is Missing, and more.

Hunters Entertainment

Digital prizes from Pelgrane Press!

Publisher of GUMSHOE (Night's Black Agents, The Fall of Delta Green, and others) plus 13th Age and many more.

Pelgrane Press

Digital prizes from Free League!

Publisher of Alien, Vaesen, Mörk Borg, Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands, and more.

Free League

Prizes from Grym Forge!

3D Printing company specializing in table top war gaming terrain and accessories, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Grym Forge

Prizes from Four Rogues Trading Company!

An online store for role playing game books, zines, and other artistic creations.

Four Rogues Trading Company

Digital prizes from Dragon Peak Publishing!

Dragon Peak Publishing is focused on creating content for tabletop roleplay games.

Dragon Peak Publishing

Digital prizes from Arcanum Syndicate!

Arcanum Syndicate makes dark future and dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. For those who love to play in the dark.

Arcanum Syndicate