RPG Alliance Nov 20 & 21 2021


Player In-Person Con Day, Sunday, Nov 21, 2021 at Dickens Pub, Calgary, Canada.

We are still working with our venue, Dickens Pub, to develop a safe COVID policy in anticipation of a 4th wave. So this is a work in progress and depends greatly on Public Health safety measures by the Alberta Government and the City of Calgary. So it will evolve...


We are providing Individual Hand Sanitizer bottles for every person and free dice sets, player name cards with the X-Card.



10 AM Morning Games Start (some start at 11 AM and 12 PM check the individual game description).

3PM-4PM INTERMISSION and Prize Give-Aways 4PM Afternoon Games Start

9:00 PM That's a Wrap!

Dickens Pub Vaccination Policy:

We will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

You can provide this proof with any of the following:

1) The actual forms you received from the pharmacy when you were vaccinated.

2) By returning to the pharmacy and asking them to produce new forms for you if you have lost them.

3) A CLEAR photo of the form that we can match to your ID.

4) Accessing your records on the myhealth.alberta.ca portal More information here: https://www.alberta.ca/covid19-vaccine.aspx

We will not be copying or retaining your records but you are welcome to join our fully optional "Dickens vaccinated" list at the door so you don't have to bring proof every time. We will be accepting double vaccinations only.

PLAYER BADGES go on sale October 31, 2021, HALLOWEEN!

Player Badges are:

Holy Moley have we ever missed playing in-person!

How do PLAYERS register for events?

1) Player Badges go on sale on OCTOBER 31 at 6 AM MST (Yes Halloween!)

-You need to have set up an account with Tabletop Events (TTE), and be logged in;

-Then see the right hand menu's BUY BADGES button, CHOOSE the BADGE type you want, and complete the CHECK OUT transaction.

2) How to view and select the Event/Games to you want to play:

~ Go to the ATTEND menu (top left of the page),

~ Then EVENTS SCHEDULE and see all the Event/Games running.

~ Once you decide the game you want to play, click on GET button for that Game Ticket, and complete the CHECK OUT transaction.


Thank you for all that you do to keep our convention and our community safe. RPG Alliance Con is back at Dickens Pub 1000 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y6. Street Parking is limited, but there is a HUGE paid parking lot ($5 for all of Sunday), behind the pub at 1001 - 8th Avenue SW - Lot #104, 1001 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3T8.


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? Check out our last in-person mini-con from Feb 2020.

NEED HELP? Contact the RPGA-CON team on Discord or email us rpgalliancecon@gmail.com .