RPG Alliance Nov 20 & 21 2021



We are still working with our venue, Dickens Pub, to develop a safe COVID policy in anticipation of a 4th wave. So this is a work in progress and depends greatly on Public Health safety measures by the Alberta Government and the City of Calgary. So it will evolve...

With Covid still an ongoing challenge we are taking the following precautions to make the RPG Alliance Con as safe as possible!

Dickens Pub Vaccination Policy:

We will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

You can provide this proof with any of the following:

1) The actual forms you received from the pharmacy when you were vaccinated.

2) By returning to the pharmacy and asking them to produce new forms for you if you have lost them.

3) A CLEAR photo of the form that we can match to your ID.

4) Accessing your records on the myhealth.alberta.ca portal (although this does require some advance sign-up time as the Alberta Government needs one week to mail out a verification code to your home address).

We will not be copying or retaining your records but you are welcome to join our fully optional "Dickens vaccinated" list at the door so you don't have to bring proof every time. We will be accepting double vaccinations only.

How to get your Proof of Vaccination in Alberta:

1) Go to the MyAlberta website MyAlberta Digital Id

2) Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and set up your username, email and password. It will send you an email to verify your email account.

3) Verify your email account.

4) Next is the mail-out verification code the Government mails to you, this takes 4-5 business days.

5) Once you receive it then go back to MyAlberta Digital Id sign in and complete the verification process which includes entering your Alberta Health Care number from your Alberta Health Care card. Now you can print out your vaccination dates or download the app for electronic proof.

6) On your phone, go to the app store and install MyHealth Records published by the Government of Alberta. Sign In. Click on the IMMUNIZATIONS icon and voila the dates you received your COVID vaccinations are there and ready to show.

Took 10 minutes all together.


Our other related health and safety adjustments:

  1. Reduced capacity at approximately 60% of normal size.

  2. Increased spacing for all gaming tables.

  3. Sanitizer wipes at each table.

With all of the above in place we’re hopeful that our attendees, vendors, partners, and volunteers will both feel safe and be safe at RPG Alliance Con 2021. We’ll be counting on you to do your part in this effort, too: Get vaccinated, wear a mask if you can or want to, wash your hands, bring sanitizer.