RPG Alliance Nov 20 & 21 2021

The Design Mechanism

Convention Sponsor

The Design Mechanism produces and publishes the Mythras roleplaying game, the acclaimed and innovative percentile system. Mythras is supported by an extensive range of supplements and adventures, featuring everything from Sword & Sorcery to Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy Horror.

The Design Mechanism was formed in 2010 by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash. A truly international company, The Design Mechanism spans Canada, northern Sweden and the USA.

The Design Mechanism is always keen to work with freelance writers, new or established, on its games and supplements. From time to time we actively seek submissions and always welcome proposals for new books to add to our catalogue. At the moment, we are actively looking to produce more adventures and expansions for the following titles:

  • Monster Island
  • Mythics Britain, Rome and Constantinople
  • Luther Arkwright
  • Thennla
  • After the Vampire Wars
  • Worlds United

for details see thedesignmechanism.com/writing-for-design-mechanism.php

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