2018 D8 Summit

Re-roll Tickets

You can spend these tickets at any game for one re-roll, subject to game rules.

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Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others

Let's face it. At times, we all roll terribly. You don't need to let bad rolls stop the fun at the 2018 D8 Summit however! Re-roll tickets are used in most games to change one result of the dice, fudging the roll in your favor.

These tickets continue to be the most popular way to donate at the D8 Summit. You can use re-roll tickets for yourself or give them to another player who needs a hand. DM's and GM's sometimes buy them to reward players or power-up their monsters. You can order re-roll tickets during registration to have access to re-rolls right away, without having to find a hawker.

These tickets are accepted in almost every non-tournament game ran at the convention. There may be caveats, so please ask your event organizer or event judge how they can be used in their game before starting.

Purchasing tickets through registration gets you bonus tickets. You will receive 14 tickets for $10 - that is 4 re-roll tickets free!

Once purchased, excess tickets can not be refunded.