2018 D8 Summit


Non-Discrimination Policy

At the D8 Summit, we believe that around a gaming table, all people are equal. As a result, we openly support all people to join us and share in the laughter and fun.

We will not discriminate against anybody on the basis of any minority status. That includes gender (and gender identity), race, ethnicity, religion, veteran status, physical ability, sexual orientation, plus many, many more. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

Basically, we preach the Wheaton Rule as if it were gospel, and support the three things polite people simply don't talk about - religion, politics, and Twilight.

We will take great steps to be supportive of all players, and we will act in accordance of that policy. We've never had to ask anybody to leave our convention, but if anybody violates this policy, please let us know.