2018 D8 Summit


Take a Tour of Chult with your D8 Summit Adventurers League offerings!

"Come for the unique flora and wildlife, scenic mountains, and mixed drinks. Stay because you died."

Adventurers League has always been a huge offering for games in our region, and the 2018 D8 Summit promises not to disappoint. At any given time, we will be hosting up to 16 tables of Adventurers League games, including AL modules, Convention Created Content from our convention and others, Epics, and more! We have not completed our offerings yet however, so keep visiting for more surprises and fun in store.


Just announced, the 2018 D8 Summit will be the first place in the world where you can finish your Season 7 experience. We will be premiering the final two installments of the Tomb of Annihilation season. These are higher-level adventures, so you will need to have some experience under your belt with an AL-legal character to participate.

Robert Adducci Will Be Attending!

Robert Adducci will be attending, running 4 slots of his Author-Only AL-legal adventures. It is hard to get these tickets at a big show, but at a more intimate convention such as the D8 Summit, you have a much better chance of getting a seat at his table.

Both Season 7 Epics!

You can enjoy both Season 7 Epics at the D8 Summit. Both will be close to retirement, plus we believe in giving Epics the full "Epic" experience. You can expect full room participation, sound system so you can hear the action, projections of important information, and all the things that create the excitement of those early Adventurers League Epics.

Authors Running Their Original AL Content

You will find authors running their own created content at the D8 Summit, at a level you'd be hard-pressed to find in other places. These authors include Jeremey Arnold, Jessie Swinton, and Aaron Jones. (You can also find Eric Weberg and J. Connor Self running their own AL-legal content, created specifically for the D8 Summit.)

The 2018 D8 Summit Exclusive Adventures

Written by Eric Weberg and J. Connor Self, these two adventures will take characters on a fae-inspired romp through the Moonsea region. Each of these two four-hour adventures are designed to be ran back-to-back for Adventurers League characters between levels 5 and 10. Experience them exclusively at the 2018 D8 Summit.