2018 D8 Summit

Reach your audience at the 2018 D8 Summit!

There are four good reasons to sell your wares at the 2018 D8 Summit.

  1. Hundreds of Customers. You have captive audience of hundreds, in one spot, that share a common love of games as well as geek culture.
  2. Advertise your Brand. You have access to potential customers from across the Midwest, who may not know of your store.
  3. Public Relations Win. Associating your business with civic mindedness is a huge PR victory. You can proudly advertise you support the D8 Summit in its mission to aid the homeless.
  4. Inexpensive. Compared with other conventions, booth space at the 2018 D8 Summit is VERY inexpensive. In exchange, the booth space is generous.
  5. Donation Comp. We will waive the cost of the booth for the donation of product for silent auction and/or rewards for our volunteers. You will need to mention this in your application if you are interested, and we will reach out to you to see if this option will work for everybody.
  6. Referral Program. If you refer another exhibitor that also gets a booth, you are eligible for a 25% discount on the cost of your booth. You will want your contact to mention you in their application to get this discount.

If you are interested in hosting a booth, click on this link to get started.