BGG.CON 2021

Tabletop Network - CANCELLED

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Tabletop Network is an annual gathering of tabletop game designers, focused on professional development, networking, and collaboration. Over the course of two days you will gain new insights and learn new strategies to help design tomorrow's best games.

Presentations and hands-on workshops are given each day by leading designers and experts in the tabletop industry, and focus on topics such as player engagement, game mechanics, systems design, and best practices. Attendees frequently break into smaller groups to help solidify the things they are learning and turn knowledge into action. And each evening, networking and playtesting events give attendees the opportunity to test out their new ideas and collaborate with their peers.

After a brief hiatus in 2020, we are so excited to meet with the designer community again and look forward to this amazing conference. Together, let's hone the craft of game design.