BGG.CON 2021

What's the difference between the different types of Badges?

What's the difference between a Badge and a Ticket?

Note that Tickets are free for all BGG.CON events so even though TTE say "Buy Tickets" in various places, it really means "reserve"/"get" - it won't cost you anything over or above the Badge purchase.

Do you need a "ticket" to participate at BGG.CON? No, if you just plan on open gaming, you only need the Badge. Tickets are not required for open gaming or to visit the exhibit hall or library.

What is a Public/Private event? An event host will mark their event as "Public" if anyone is welcome to sign up for it. A "Private" event is for a game that has been organized directly through some other means (Geeklist, local gaming group, etc.). You should only get a Ticket for a "Private" event if you were involved in organizing it or have been authorized by the host.

Can I get a Ticket for any event? Please respect the "Age Range", "Experience Required", and "Public/Private" fields of the event you want to sign up for.

How does the Ticket Waitlist work? Everyone on the waitlist for an event will be notified via email when a Ticket becomes available for the event. There is no ordering/priority or automatic granting of tickets. This feature would probably be better described as a "notification list".

Can I buy badges for my friends? You are allowed to purchase up to 4 badges on your TTE account. If you're friends also have TTE accounts, then you may give those badges to them through the Friend system. If your friends do not have TTE accounts, they can still collect the badge from you, but they will not be able to volunteer in the library and you will need to "buy" any tickets for attendee scheduled games for them.

Can I share my registration/badge with a friend since I cannot come for the whole time? No. Badges are non-sharable. They are fully transferable (see above) before the opening day of the convention.

Are there day-passes? No. The registration fee is the same whether you come for one day or the whole convention.

How do I get a Refunds? See here for updated refund deadlines. Refunds for badges purchased on TTE can be refunded the full amount minus any associated fees (payment processing and TTE support) up until November 1st. You will be able to trigger the refund directly from your TTE account (see here) and the system will automatically add your badge back into the pool available for someone else to purchase.

How do I Transfer a badge? See above regarding buying badges for friends.

Is there a waiting list? Because badges can become available at anytime from refunds we will no longer manage an official waitlist.

What happens to my BGG.CON 2020 badge? If you previously bought a ticket for BGG.CON 2020 your admission was already transferred to attend BGG.CON 2021 when we cancelled the event last summer. You should have received a new 2021 confirmation email on June 29, 2020. We will automatically create a badge for you on this system on June 21st and you'll get an email on how to claim it.

However, if your plans have changed and you would like a refund, please do the following:

  1. Find the BGG.CON 2021 registration email (Subj. = "BGG.CON 2021 Registration Confirmation").
  2. Reply to that email with the addition of "REFUND REQUESTED" either in the subject or the body of the email.
  3. DEADLINE for Refund requests - November 1, 2021