BGG.CON 2021

We continue to monitor conditions regarding COVID-19 and large public gatherings. We have limited attendance to about 2/3rds of our 2019 level and will be implementing the following protocols in consultation with our venue, insurance partner and other experts.

Attendee Guidelines


These forms will be provided at registration and filled out onsite. We will not be requesting attendees to present vaccination cards or COVID results. We recognize this form relies on the honor system, and we expect our attendees to be honorable. In any case, the mask requirements will be strongly enforced.

Acceptable mask use


Hyatt Regency Dallas

Please see this additional information sent to us from our host venue, the Hyatt Regency Dallas:

And check out this helpful infographic.

What do I need to do if the scope of these requirements makes me unable to attend BGG.CON 2021?

This is a valid response whether you think we are too lenient or too strict and you are welcome to forgo coming to BGG.CON 2021.

Refunds for badges purchased since June 2021:

  1. Log in to TTE and connect to BGG.CON 2021 page
  2. Click on Attend > Get Your Badge
  3. Next to your name, under the "Manage" column, click "Refund". If "Refund" is not an option here, do not click "Delete" - your badge was rolled over from 2020 - see below.

Refunds for badges rolled over from BGG.CON 2020:

Please send an email to requesting the refund.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us game responsibly together.