BGG.CON 2021

Many of you have used Meetups or Geeklists to schedule games at conventions. This system is very similar. If there is a game you want to play, you can Host an Event to schedule it.

Requirements to Host a Game

Instructions to Host a Game

TIPS for Hosting

1) Please make sure to pick a game start time appropriately. You will specify a Preferred and an Alternate start time when submitting an event. BGG Events Staff will try to accommodate the preferred start time as much as possible based on table space availability. You will not be allowed to be double-booked as the host.

2) Allow extra time for the duration of the event to allow for set up and teardown, as well as rules instruction, if needed. For example, if the event starts at 2pm and has a 2 hour duration, the table is not available until 2pm and it is possible there will be another event scheduled for 4pm.

3) Each event will be scheduled into a "Room" and a "Space" (i.e. table) within that room.

4) Be mindful of others that have been scheduled into the table before or after, so please start and end on time.

5) Message the event's Attendees through the Event's messaging button on the event page. Messages should include information regarding any specifics related to your game such as game editions, rules errata, expansions being used, and so forth. Attendees may also message the Host directly with additional questions.

Questions about hosting a game, please contact