FLAG Con 2023

We want to offer some guidelines about running a successful event at FLAG Con:

  1. First priority is that your players have a good time. Just like being a host in real-life, it's all about the guests. Are your guests seeming to prefer exploration to combat in your RPG? Adjust on the fly. Are your guests seeming to tune out your rules teach? Make this a learn-as-you-go game.
  2. The trains need to run on time. Do whatever it takes to make sure your guests are on their feet at the end of your event time (ten minutes before the hour). The might include leaving some escape hatches for yourself to end the game early if needed. You should also mention this idea to your guests up front: "Folx, if our game ends up going long, we may end after four rounds instead of five."
  3. Bone up on your rules and scenarios. Maybe even a little more than usual.
  4. Plan for setup and tear down. For board gamers, this might mean making sure ahead of time that for example that your expansion materials aren't accidentally intermingled with your base game.