FLAG Con 2023

Your badges, tickets, and pre-ordered merch will be available at our check-in desk. Because we've sold a large number of all-weekend badges, we anticipate there might be a rush on Friday, 11/3. Therefore, we're asking that folx who are registered for, are interested in, or are hosting 5pm games arrive at to the hotel at 4:15pm. This'll ensure we process you in time to be on time for your event. Once you have a badge, you can hang out in the Grand Ballroom or the hotel lobby while others enter, maybe even playing a game of your own in the open gaming area or the lobby while you wait.

Not interested in pre-ordering merch or registering ahead of time for tickets? No worries! You can purchase merch at FLAG Con, and you can register for events at FLAG Con too, right from your phone. You can also just sit down at an event looking for players; we'll swing by as you're playing and get you a ticket. Finally, as always, you don't need to do anything; you already have your badge, just come and enjoy yourself!