FLAG Con 2023

What's in a name?

"When you think of 'flag,' maybe you think of nations. Maybe instead you think of Pride. Maybe you think of identity.

FLAG is an acronym, yes, and it's symbolic too. We know how unique our game groups can be, and there's power in that. Maybe your weekly RPG group runs a homebrew with eclectic characters and lots of roleplaying. Maybe your board game group is into classic Euros. MtG players, here in Ithaca, we have a guy -- you'll meet him at FLAG Con -- who creates fantastic and weird Cube drafts.

At FLAG Con, we hope you bring your home gaming culture. Invite your whole game group! We become stronger when we learn from each other.

But what about the name FLAG? At FLAG Con, we wear our flags on our badges. When you purchase your FLAG Con badge, you have the opportunity to showcase your unique identity. Choose to input the region you're from, your pronouns, and your favorite types of games, and we'll proudly display them on your badge if you so desire. It's a way to celebrate who you are and connect with fellow gamers who share your passions.

Join us at FLAG Con and let your badge speak volumes about your gaming journey and the vibrant gaming community we're building together.