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Ithaca, NY

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The Hotel Ithaca

222 S Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2023-11-03 21:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

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(607) 272-1000

The Hotel Ithaca is short stroll away is Ithaca Commons, a vibrant pedestrian mall alive with eclectic boutiques, upscale restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, and more. Outside the city, the “gorge-ous” landscape affords myriad opportunities for outdoor adventure and recreation.

Welcome to FLAG Con, a place for you to both play the tabletop games you love, and to experience new tabletop games. Come plant your flag at our robust board game, MtG, and RPG offerings.

Help us bring together the gaming communities of the Finger Lakes, Central New York, Twin Tiers, and beyond to raise our flags as one!

Finally, embrace the spirit of togetherness in welcoming and scenic Ithaca, NY. At FLAG Con, all folx of all kinds are welcome to be themselves and let their geek flags fly. Together, let's create a gaming event like no other!

FLAG Con is proud to offer

  • Scheduled gaming events you can sign up for
  • Open table space that you can grab to play games at any time
  • Special events like:
    • Tournaments
    • Large group games
    • MtG Cube drafts hosted by nationally-recognized cube creator
    • One Flag -- a daily time for all attendees to be together for awards and other fun
    • A Game Library of 100+ games that are free to check out


Event submissions are open. Here are print and video walkthroughs. Do you have a homebrew adventure you've been dying to run? How about a board game you just love sharing with others? Come and host your favorite games. Host a few board games or RPGs, and get your badge reimbursed as a thanks for helping to bring FLAG Con to life.

For MtG players, organized play will be posted by tournament organizers.


Badge sales are open now! All badges are 20% off standard price.

  • All-Weekend badges* - $28 (standard price is $35)
  • Saturday only badges* - $19 (standard price is $24)
  • Sunday only badges* - $13.50 (standard price is $17)
  • Friday only badges* - $9 (standard price is $11)

*All badges will have sales tax and a small Tabletop Events convenience fee at time of purchase.

Event Registration

Event registration is open now! If you've already purchased a badge for yourself, you may 'purchase' tickets to events. Board game and RPG events are free. MtG events have added charges. You do not need to register for events, and may instead play games in our Open Gaming Area.


  • Volunteers automatically receive a 100% badge rebate!
  • GMs who run three 3-4 hour board game or RPG sessions receive a 100% badge rebate!

For the latest news, please follow FLAG Con at: