BGG.Spring 2022

Many of you have used Meetups or Geeklists to schedule games at conventions. This system is very similar. We do have some guidelines and you can click the links below to get to the appropriate section:

General Guidelines for Hosts and Attendees

TTE Accounts and Hosting/Acquiring tickets

If your badge is listed under your personal TTE account, then you are able to Host an Attendee Scheduled Game. You may also Acquire tickets (i.e. seats at the table) for yourself or for any badges tied to your TTE account.

Please review TTE's "Friend System" for the best options for hosting and acquiring tickets for yourself and others.

Hosting a Game (i.e. Submitting an Event)

General instructions for Submitting/Hosting an event can be found HERE

Specific questions you will see for BGG.Spring events:

Follow these steps to submit an event:

  1. Go to Host > Submit Events, and follow the prompts to create the event.

  2. After the event has been submitted for approval....Allow up to one week for approval and scheduling from BGG Events Staff. We will be reviewing the applications to determine best location/table based on type of game, number of players, mask request, time availability, etc.

  3. After your event has been submitted, you may check the status of your events through Host > Events I am Hosting. You may edit the event until it has been scheduled to a room and space. After the event is scheduled, please contact

  4. As seats fill up for your game, Hosts and Attendees may message each other using the respective buttons on the Event page. Messages should include information regarding any specifics related to your game such as game editions, rules errata, expansions being used, and so forth. Please note Messages to the ticketed attendees are a GROUP message from the host's email address. Replies will go to the host. For privacy reasons neither BGG Events nor TTE will provide email addresses of individuals with tickets to your event.

Cancelling an event - Circumstances may determine a need to "Cancel" the event. Email -, so we may cancel the event and remove it from the visible schedule.

Acquiring a ticket

See Here for General Instructions.

To acquire a ticket (a seat at the table) for yourself, your badge to BGG.Spring must be tied to your personal TTE account or you need to coordinate with the person that purchased your badge to get tickets for you. See above Or you need to claim a ticket reserved for you via a TTE friend.

To review the events to get tickets:

  1. Click Attend > Event Schedule
  2. Use the filters to sort the events (labeled above the listings). Additional filters can be added and removed by shading/unshading options below the listings. Once you find the event you want to participate in you can click on "Get" or the event name/number to get more information. Please make note of Mask Requests, Age Requests, etc. before getting a ticket for an event.
  3. Click "Get" or "Get Tickets" to add a ticket to your "Cart".
  4. Repeat the above for all events you are interested in participating in.
  5. When finished, click on the "checkout" button to finalize the process. All tickets are free so you should not be asked for payment during the checkout process, but until you finish checking out you do not yet have the ticket secured.

Removing ticket: - Go to Attend > My Schedule > Scroll to Tickets for Badge. Then click "Delete" next to the ticket you would like to remove.

Notification/Waiting List: If an event is full, you are allowed join the Notification List (Waiting List) for a game/event. If a seat opens up, everyone on the list will be notified of the opening and the first one to respond will get the open seat.

No double booking: The system will not allow attendees to book tickets for events/games with overlapping times. Event hosts may have hosted events double booked with other non-hosted events. Hosts are responsible to not double book themselves.


Please contact