BGG.Spring 2022


WiFi Access

The Hyatt Regency DFW provides complimentary WIFI available in the guest rooms and "public areas" (lobby, cafe, etc.). Additionally, we have negotiated an access code, to be provided on site, for all attendees to include WiFi in the meeting areas but bandwidth is limited - please only use it for checking email, social media, etc. - no streaming...

Outside Alcoholic Beverages?

Per the laws of the State of Texas NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PERMITTED in the convention meeting spaces unless they have been purchased directly from the hotel. BGG Events Staff and Hotel Management reserve the right to remove the alcoholic beverages and/or the individual(s) from the meeting spaces.

Parking - UPDATED 5/23/2022

There is a multi-level parking garage attached to the hotel, which is inside the airport tolled area. The Hyatt Regency DFW is contracted to validate the tolls for all BGG Events attendees.

For all attendees, please note the following per the HOTEL:

See the hotel's website, and below for more details specific to our event from the hotel.

Hotel-FAQ.png Higher Resolution available here.

Flying In

Guests of Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport enjoy complimentary 24/7 shuttle service between the hotel and all DFW terminals. To arrange a pick-up, call (972) 453-1234, text (972) 325-0899. Please include your name, terminal, gate number, and the number of people in your party. Access the Hyatt shuttle on the terminal’s lower level.

Shipping Personal Items

FedEx operates the hotel Business Services Center located on the convention level and receives all shipping to the hotel.

Fed Ex Hours - Friday 8am - 5pm

BGG Events has also negotiated the following discounted pricing for use of in-house FedEx service:

Also, exhibitors with a booth may contact FedEx for quotes on inbound/outbound material handling.

Hotel Dining

Per the hotel - 20% food and beverage discount (excludes alcohol & Mr. G's) will be provided in restaurants with convention badge.

Food concession is a cashless environment. Plan to use a credit card for purchases in this area. Hotel restaurants will accept cash.

See below for dining options and hours available within the hotel.

Hotel-Dining.png Higher Resolution available here.

Other Hotel Options

BGG Events has a room commitment contract with the Hyatt Regency that makes it possible for us to use the meeting space. So we strongly encourage you to stay at the Hyatt Regency, if there are rooms and/or roommates available. However, if the hotel is sold out, then we may try to make arrangements for an overflow hotel and post any additional options via a news update.

I just found out I can't be at BGG.CON and I have already reserved a room. What do I do?

Please post to the forum link BGG.Spring 2022 Official Hyatt Regency DFW Room Reservation Transfer List to make arrangements to possibly transfer your room to another attendee. Follow the instructions in the forum post. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION. When you have worked out a transfer arrangement with someone, please contact the hotel with the name of the person for the room transfer.

I just called to reserve a room at the Hyatt Regency for BGG.CON and they said the rooms were sold out. What do I do?

Generally, attendees book their rooms early, and then about one or two months before the convention opens, we have a little bit of attrition due to work conflicts, etc. When that happens, we ask those with rooms to "TRANSFER" their rooms to another attendee. See the forum link BGG.Spring 2022 Official Hyatt Regency DFW Room Reservation Transfer List.

I have a room, but would love to split the cost. How do I do this?

Please post to the forum BGG.Spring 2022 Looking for a Roommate Thread and make arrangements. You will also want to make sure your roommates name is listed on the room information with the hotel so they can check-in to the room (in case you are not there yet).


If you have any questions not answered through any of the links on this site, email us directly at