BGG.Spring 2022

We are thrilled to have our Gamers-in-Training (Age 4-12) with us at BGG.Spring! This is a great opportunity to play with old and new friends and we hope they learn lots of new games.

Some guidelines for Parents/Guardians:

Gamers-In-Training Room Hours

This room will be sanitized each night between 9pm and 9am

Day Time
Fri 10am-9pm
Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 9am-9pm
Mon 9am-2pm

One final note - we’ve seen reports of an increasing number of incidents of harassment at various geek-related events and conventions the past few years. We just want you to know we will not tolerate any such behavior at BGG.Spring from adults or the Gamers-in-Training and we reserve the right to eject anyone from the convention without refund. Our full policy can be found HERE.


If you have any questions not answered through any of the links on this site, email us directly at