RPG ALLIANCE Nov 17-19 2023 Hybrid Con

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Publishers bring the fantastic games we play into creation!

We want to thank those publishers who support local conventions like ours with door prizes for our participants.

We are grateful for your generosity in providing prizes for our participants to enjoy!

Thank you friends!


Roll20 - Virtual Tabletop for Playing D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, TTRPGs

The Roll20 team is dedicated to enabling gamers to unite across any distance via our easy-to-use gaming tools. This means we strive to lessen the technical burden on the participants, facilitate the formation of new gaming groups, and to make barriers to entry as few as possible when gathering around a table for camaraderie. To accomplish these goals we seek to create a service that is sustainable and will be a resource to the gaming community as long as it is needed.

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Roleplaying Games are like no other – taking the role of a single character you create, all the action takes place in your imagination and you are limited not by the game system but only by what you and your friends can think of!

Mongoose Publishing produces many roleplaying games, each tailored to a different world or universe. You can explore the galaxy in Traveller, run perps to ground in Judge Dredd, hunt down the supernatural enemies of Mankind in Deus Vult or explore the fantasy world of Magnamund in Lone Wolf.

Whatever your tastes, Mongoose Publishing is your one-stop-shop for quality roleplaying.

Check out fine games: Traveler, Paranoia, 2300 AD, Legend, Sea of Thieves.


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Green Ronin Publishing

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games. Since the year 2000, Green Ronin has been a force in tabletop roleplaying games, publishing such RPGs as Blue Rose, The Expanse, Dragon Age, and Mutants & Masterminds, and winning over 40 awards for excellence. Green Ronin has also worked as a design house for hobby giants Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast on such titles as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Second Edition) and the Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition) supplements Out of the Abyss and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

RPG Alliance Con has been so fortunate to have Malcolm Sheppard, Troy Hewitt and the Mutants & Masterminds Creative Team run panels and special play events for us. This is a really special group of creators so please check them out!

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Fria Ligan

Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher and game creator dedicated to speculative fiction in various forms. They have created and published a range of award-winning tabletop role-playing games, board games and art books set in strange and wondrous worlds. Through the distorting mirrors of fantasy and science fiction they reflect on our own world, its history and future.

Their game portfolio include the official ALIEN The Roleplaying Game (Gold ENNIE for Best Game 2020), The One Ring™ roleplaying game set in Middle Earth, apocalyptic RPG Twilight: 2000, the Nordic horror roleplaying game Vaesen based on the works by the praised Johan Egerkrans, the pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG Mörk Borg, the alternate ’90s RPG Things from the Flood and the alternate ’80s Tales from the Loop (winner of five ENNIE Awards 2017, including Best Game) based on the worlds of the acclaimed Simon Stålenhag, the sandbox retro fantasy Forbidden Lands (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019), the postapocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero (Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015), and the space adventure Coriolis – The Third Horizon (Judge’s Spotlight Award 2017) as well as the praised dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum.

We have also published the art books Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood and The Electric State by internationally acclaimed visual artist Simon Stålenhag, as well as the illustrated edition of the Lovecraft classic The Call of Cthulhu by the praised French artist François Baranger.

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R. Talsorian Games - We create worlds you can only imagine.

Founded in 1985, R. Talsorian Games is respected worldwide for its intriguing world settings, award winning products, and impeccable graphic design. Beginning with Mekton, the first giant robot setting to be published in the U.S (and later translated into French, German, Italian, and Japanese) Talsorian soon followed up this success with the highly acclaimed Teenagers from Outer Space (Winner of the 1987 Gamer’s Choice Award as well as being voted one of Games Magazines top 100 Games).

RTG’s most famous product, Cyberpunk, lead the explosive entry of the dark future genre into roleplaying in 1987, and has continued to break new ground ever since. A richly textured world supported by a host of supplements, Cyberpunk has become the basis of an upcoming AAA video game from famed developers CD Projekt Red.

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Pelgrane Press Ltd

Founded in 2000 by co-owner Simon Rogers and Pelgranista Emeritus Sasha Bilton, Pelgrane Press is a UK-based tabletop roleplaying game publishing company which publishes character-focused and story-driven tabletop RPGs. The company’s main office is in London, but the Pelgranista team spans multiple countries. It is co-owned by Simon Rogers and Cat Tobin.

Our groundbreaking GUMSHOE roleplaying system shifts the focus of investigative play from finding clues (or worse, not finding them) to interpreting clues, solving mysteries, and moving the action forward. Each GUMSHOE game includes the system adapted for that setting. The first GUMSHOE game, The Esoterrorists, along with its sibling system Fear Itself, both by GUMSHOE system designer Robin D. Laws, remain two of the most accessible to GMs and players new to the system. Its collaborative mystery-solving play structure is exemplified by the mythos RPG Trail of Cthulhu, and the high-octane spies-vs-vampires RPG Night’s Black Agents, both by Kenneth Hite. Kevin Kulp’s game of timeline-preserving time-travelling agents, TimeWatch, and new swords and sorcery RPG Swords of the Serpentine with Emily Dresner, take GUMSHOE in a more pulpy, action-packed direction.

We’ve recently adapted the GUMSHOE system for one player, one GM play in the GUMSHOE One-2-One system; this can be seen in the noir mythos Cthulhu Confidential, and the intense spies-vs-vampires thriller Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops.

Our DramaSystem, found in Robin D. Laws’ Hillfolk, facilitates interpersonal relationship building, which promotes affecting dramatic interactions between characters – as do our story game anthologies, #Feminism, Seven Wonders, and Honey & Hot Wax.

We also publish 13th Age by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, an epic fantasy game using the d20 system familiar to many gamers, which weaves characters’ backgrounds and unique traits into every narrative, resulting in engaging, heroic adventures.

Pelgrane Press is also the home of the webzine See Page XX, The Birds comic, and RPG soundtracks by James Semple and fellow composers.

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OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused on several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, fiction, card games, and wargames.

We are a family of premiere online marketplaces also including DriveThruRPG, Dungeon Masters Guild, DriveThruCards, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault.

With each of our marketplaces, our goal is to bring all publishers' content together in one place. We strive to create a one-stop shopping point for our customers' areas of interest.

Together, we have been selling digital and print-on-demand comic books, roleplaying games, and fiction since 2001. As of 2016, we have launched multiple Community Content Programs including Dungeon Master's Guild as well as our Community Card Creators for fans to create content for some of their favorite roleplaying and card games.

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Troll Lord Games

Troll Lord Games is best known for their long-standing Castles & Crusades RPG which launched in 2004, continues to enjoy a wide following, and is presently on its 8th printing. TLG publishes a small host of other RPGs, including Amazing Adventures, Victorious and Harvesters. Their long-standing world setting The World of Aihrde is supported by both RPG books and its own line of fantasy fiction.

Check out our current campaign on Indiegogo: Amazing Adventures Multi-Genre RPG!

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Dragon Peak Publishing

Welcome to Dragon Peak Publishing!

We create content for Dungeon Crawl Classics and related system, such as Mutant Crawl Classics and Weird Frontiers. Take a look at our VTT tokens, plus our content for Mutant Crawl Classics, Weird Frontiers, Primal Quest, and RUNE.

Keep on rollin' 20s and have a great con!

-Stefan Surratt

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HUNTERS Entertainment

We're the publishing company behind a growing number of tabletop roleplaying games such as Outbreak: Undead, Kids on Bikes, Icarus: How Great Civilizations Fall, Teens in Space, Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game, Kids on Brooms, and Alice is Missing.

​Beyond tabletop roleplaying games, we also publish other forms of entertainment such as books (The ABCs of D&D, The 123s of D&D) and media (Hunters Presents and Hunters Gathering Live).

​We encourage you to join our community on Discord — it's your direct line of communication to us!







Get more from Father Goose Creations on Patreon

ABOUT JEREMY: Father, husband, gamer, writer, sushi chef - I wear many hats and have many interests. While much of my time is occupied by my restaurant duties, my true loves are family and tabletop gaming. I am an aspiring writer with a passion for tabletop roleplaying games and I created a Patreon to help facilitate some projects that I would like to publish. I play games, I run games, and I write material for games. Please join me on my creative journey to become an established writer!

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Borders of The Realm

Welcome to Borders of The Realm. I'm a Calgary-based TTRPG player, map-maker, terrain-builder, and miniatures printer.

Maybe you are a Game Master with a lot of ideas, and a vision for your world. Maybe you want to show your world to your players outside the theatre of the mind, but you find yourself short of time.

Perhaps you find drawing and crafting too daunting, or you think you aren't talented enough (but you are, I promise you). It could be you are looking for someone who can put paint to foam, or pencil to paper, to bring forth your dreamland of adventure.

I'd like to be that person for you.

Whether it be with pre-drawn maps (coming soon), pre-made terrain, or a custom collaboration, your world can come to life on your table top.

Let's define the borders of your realm, together.

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321Action | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch | Linktree

Have you ever watched a scene in your favorite action movie and wondered how you could make it work in an RPG? Have you ever wanted to drop a Macho Man elbow on some Martians? Or fire a rocket launcher while jumping off a skyscraper? Now you can!

3,2,1...Action! makes it simple with rules that run off a single d10. Just let the Game Runner know what you want to do and make it so with just one roll. 3,2,1...Action! is for everybody. And it’s the perfect system for cinematic storytelling, whether it's ‘80s Action, Crime Drama, Haunts, Heists, Mysteries, Sci-Fi Space Operas or Weird Westerns — 3,2,1...Action! has got you covered.

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