RPG ALLIANCE Nov 17-19 2023 Hybrid Con


We want to build community with the RPG Alliance Con so having your vendor/creator/podcaster/meetups/gaming groups/publisher's presence here is important to us!

This is why we don't charge anything, its FREE for you to participate (but donations of digital giveaways would be appreciated!).

Send your information (Name, website, social media links, logo, and description about who you are and what you do), to rpgallaincecon@gmail.com and we will add you to this page.

If you want to have a booth at the IN-Person Con day (Sunday November 19, 2023 at Dickens Pub), email us as tables are limited in number.



We've been patrons of Eastridge Sports Cards & Games for years, always buying a portion of our hard copy prizes there. They are a family run local business and part of our community.

This year is a bit different because Eastridge has a SPECIAL ORDER SERVICE where you order whatever RPG product from them and they bring it in for you. This usually takes 2 weeks and it saves you the shipping costs!

As you know, shipping has gone out of control especially for Kickstarters. For the RPG Alliance this savings means more of our budget can buy more hard copy prizes for our participants.

Drop by the store, or give them a call or an email and they will quickly give you a quote and get your gaming items ordered for you! They also have all of the collectible trading card games, like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, so check them out!

Friendly, Helpful and Local... Eastridge Sports Cards & Gaming!

7132 Fisher Street SE Calgary, Alberta T2H 0W5, Canada

Phone: 403-720-6690

Email:: sales@ersportscards.ca


Eastridge Games

for Board Games, TCG's, RPG's & Gaming Supplies

Eastridge Sports Cards

for Sports Cards & Collecting Supplies



A little about us Last Best Brewing & Distilling opened its doors in May 2015. The name Last Best draws from Calgary’s eclectic history. At the end of the 1800s, the Canadian government launched a campaign called ‘The Last Best West’; it’s purpose was to populate the western prairies and grow agriculture in Canada. The administration believed that this area was the Last Best chance in the modern world for homesteaders to lay roots and shape their futures. The accomplishments resulting from the Last Best initiative have paved the way for the budding craft beer and distilling industries here in Alberta. Last Best Brewing & Distilling honours this historical spirit through its name and unwavering commitment to making delicious well-crafted beer, spirits and Alberta-inspired cuisine.


607 11 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 0E1

587 353 7387


Sunday to Thursday | 11:30am to 12am

Friday and Saturday | 11:30am to 1am

Facebook Redirecting...

Instagram Last Best Brewing & Distilling (@lastbestbrew) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter Last Best Brewing & Distilling (@lastbestbrew) on X



Unleash your Imagination with Under The Mountain Games

Calgary’s Newest game store located in Brentwood Mall, 313b 3630 Brentwood Rd NW, Northwest Calgary, AB, Canada, Alberta.

Under The Mountain Games

Whether you are looking for new board game to play, ready to dive into a fantasy adventure or march your armies across the field of battle to slay your foes you are sure to find what you are looking for at Under the Mountain Games where every game knows your name.





Aardnor Miniatures & AARDCON

What is Aardnor Miniatures?

They are makers of handcrafted, handpainted small scale, playable D&D / RPG environments, terrain, dioramas, props and fantasy displays. Local to Calgary, Alberta, they have been playing D&D for over thirty years. A while back they began making custom terrain pieces for their game encounters to add a heightened level of excitement and understanding to the sessions.

This passion for creativity lead to this small business creating D&D / RPG products and custom commissions to aid fellow players / DMs with their games.

Aärdnor Minis



What is AardCON?

This was Aardnor Miniatures' inaugural CON and it was for anyone interested in Role Playing Games (RPG), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Fantasy Art & Media, Tabletop Terrain, Mini Painting and more!

AärdCON - a Role Playing Game (RPG), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fantasy Gathering!


Borders of The Realm

Welcome to Borders of The Realm. I'm a Calgary-based TTRPG player, map-maker, terrain-builder, and miniatures printer.

Maybe you are a Game Master with a lot of ideas, and a vision for your world. Maybe you want to show your world to your players outside the theatre of the mind, but you find yourself short of time.

Perhaps you find drawing and crafting too daunting, or you think you aren't talented enough (but you are, I promise you). It could be you are looking for someone who can put paint to foam, or pencil to paper, to bring forth your dreamland of adventure.

I'd like to be that person for you.

Whether it be with pre-drawn maps (coming soon), pre-made terrain, or a custom collaboration, your world can come to life on your table top.

Let's define the borders of your realm, together.






Starships & Steel

Aka Keith Johnson-> Who am I?

A blogger & youtube channel dedicated to RPGs, Miniatures, and pulp gaming.

"A blog dedicated to the world of pulp stories through miniature gaming, both RPGs and Wargames, and the things that bring us our inspiration for them. Bringing tales of the weird to life!"

Click HERE to see my BIO Page from the 2021 RPGA-Con to learn more about my love for RPG's, Conan the Barbarian and Robert Howard, and the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)!


Twitter @Ogedei_Bahadur





QUEER Questing & Allies Tabletop RPGs | Meetup

Welcome Adventurers!

This group's goal is to create an INCLUSIVE gaming community that is a safe place for 2SLGBTQIA+ people and their Straight Allies to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Play Games (Dungeon Crawl Classics, Modern Age, and so many more).

All participants must adhere to the Safe Space Code of Conduct listed below and on our ABOUT page. People interested in being a Dungeon Master/Game Master/ Story Teller in this group please review the Discussion Board posting for new DM's, the DM's Guide.

Facebook: We also have a facebook group so its easier to share D&D and, Role Playing Game info and articles, etc., think about joining that too please.

LGBTQIA2S+ & ALLIES Dungeons & Dragons RPG Meetup (Calgary, AB)



Geeky Tendencies: Dice Bags and Trays, Card Albums/Spellbooks & More

A master of sewing machines and dungeons, Christine has designed dicebags, dice trays and spellbooks/Card Albums to help you stay organized at the tabletop. Make your game night legendary.

Geeky Tendencies: Dice Bags, Dice Trays and Card Albums/Spellbooks

My Etsy shop with all my products is Dice Bags Dice Trays Card Albums/Spell Books by GeekyTendencies

Instagram @geeky_tendencies

Facebook @geekytendencies



Twitch Streamer

Grym Forge aka Chris Armstrong is a Calgary-based Twitch Streamer who runs Tabletop RPG games like Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons on a weekly basis. He often runs charity streams and live games at the Hexagon Café in Calgary.





Order of Shan(n)a Podcast

Order of Shan(n)a Podcast: The Women running Dungeon Crawl Classics. I am the host, JoanofArc DesTroyer. The women who run Dungeon Crawl Classics are the Order of Shan(n)a. Why the (n)? Well, Goodman Games has published a member of The Band under two spellings. Shana is a character of The Band created by Doug Kovacs. In 2017 at GenCon 50, Joseph Goodman, creator, author, and publisher of Dungeon Crawl Classics named the women who run Dungeon Crawl Classics, Order of Shanna. At that time there were 6 of us running DCC RPG at the convention. At GenCon, the year prior, there were only 3 women running DCC RPG. A bit over a year ago, with the blessing of the original members, I became the host of the Order of Shan(n)a Podcast. It has been a goal of mine to get an episode out every month, but life sometimes gets in the way. Find all of my episodes on ANCHOR FM.





Brakish and Haplo's Fictional Reality

A weekly variety podcast bringing new blood to the tabletop gaming experience. Join the Bruiser Brakish Kempf and Haplo of Samsara, as well as guest GM, Deango, dropping binge worthy seasons of Dnd5e, Outbreak: Undead and Fallout 2D20 with more to come.

You can find all of our episodes HERE!












(Pronouns: she/her) I paint professional tabletop quality hand-painted miniatures, dice boxes and trays, clever rpg mugs, posters and more. I'm a big geek and am happy to do custom work to make your vision a realty.

Etsy by NerfblatBits

Linktree @nerfblat






Sky Hammer Press

Sky Hammer Press runs the Massive Damage Adventures podcast and Twitch streams as well as the Massive Damage Campaigns podcast. We play a different game with a rotating cast of players every episode, we review games in partnership with publishers, and we've just wrapped up our fifth season. Bonus episodes have included interviews with industry designers from Design Ministries, Monte Cook Games, Modiphius Entertainment, Green Ronin Publishing, and Storybrewers. We're also Roll20 Ambassadors.

Check out our Twitch channel Monday evenings and watch our YouTube for new things!










Redd Skull Comics

Redd Skull comics is Calgary's best little comics shop. Owned and operated by Kelly Dowd, this store has been serving Calgary for over 20 years. Redd Skull offers one of the best selections of Comics and Trade paperbacks found anywhere in Calgary and all at the lowest prices possible since Redd Skull gives you the American price converted into Canadian dollars helping you save so you can read more.

Redd Skull also provides file services for those interested in collecting every issue of an ongoing series or limited run. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Redd Skull also carries all kinds of manga, games, magic cards, toys, statues/ busts and other hidden gems. Stop by often enough and you'll never know what you might find. Redd Skull's friendly and knowledgeable staff is there to help you out with whatever you need.




Welcome to Another Dimension!

Alberta's #1 Comic Book Store! Established in 1983, Another Dimension has been serving the comic book community in Alberta for nearly four decades! Winner of the prestigious Harry Kremer Award for outstanding comic retailing in 2016, we strive to offer the best service and selection possible and hope we can fulfill your pop culture needs.

Comics, Toys, and so much more...




Phoenix Comics NW

Phoenix Comics opened its NW location in November 1994, and since then it has grown into one of the top stores in Western Canada. Our hardworking staff is waiting to help you with all your collecting interests!

Phoenix Comics NW carries thousands of graphic novels of all genres, from Sandman and Maus to Spider-man and Batman to Saga and Walking Dead. We also specialize in Manga, and no one in the city has a better selection. We have thousands of volumes in stock, from the latest releases to hard to find out of print volumes.

The NW store is also the city's number one source for Magic the Gathering. We have everything for the Magic player, from the city's best selection of singles to the latest booster packs and everything in between. We also run weekly tournaments for Magic the Gathering, with an event almost every day. Don't forget our other games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and we also carry a complete line of supplies for both your gaming and comic collecting needs!




We love comics! Visit our location in #yyc or shop online with our website.

Shuster Award nominated 2018, 2019 and 2020.

"Where The Heroes Hang Out!"




Metal Galaxy Logo.png

Metal Galaxy Social Games & Bistro (403) 253-1414, 4624 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary

We are an award winning board game cafe and collectibles store! A great place for families, friends and on date night! Over 350 board games, more than half a million cards and miniatures and so much more!



Sentry Box: Canada's Premier Game Store

With over 13,000 sq. ft. of display and gaming space, the Sentry Box is a Mecca for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, or military games, books and miniatures. We have a truly epic selection of products and a back catalogue that spans over 40 years of gaming history. With over 100,000 different items on the shelves, this shows that we mean what we say.





D6 Cafe v6-Final_Dark Background.png

D6 Tabletop Café - Board Games & RPGs in NE Calgary

D6 Tabletop Café is YOUR place to replay classics, discover new favorites, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a bite to eat. D6 is proud to provide Food and Drink that'll have you coming back for more. Never been to a Tabletop Café? No problem! Our goal at D6 is to provide a welcoming environment for everyone (●'◡'●)

D6 welcomes beginners, seasoned adventurers, and everything in between! Spend your day playing our many party games or gather your friends and dive into one of our many advanced strategy games. In the mood for something new? Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff teach you how to play some of their favorite games!





Ogre's Den

We are the Ogre’s Den Gaming Club, the roomiest destination for Magic the Gathering, table top games and Dungeons and Dragons in Calgary. With over 5,000 square feet of gaming space, we can accomodate the largest play groups with room to spare. We hold Magic the Gathering, miniatures, board games and other table top events on a daily basis. Come on by and play a few games.




The Hexagon Board Game Cafe - Calgary & Edmonton

It’s a hub for gaming, a coffee shop, and a retail store all in one! At Hexagon, we aim to deliver coffee, games, and community. Alongside the usual food and drink services of a cafe, you can take advantage of the gaming-related services that we offer. These include receiving game recommendations, game instruction, and special events such as Dungeons & Dragons, group meetups, and the occasional board game tournament.





ShoeBox Games & Cafe

Where Card Games, Board Games, and Good Times meet

Chi and Brandon began the dream in 2014, slugging away every weekend at a humble farmer's market booth to create the warm environment for card and board games we now cherish. Our full retail / gaming store on McKnight Blvd opened in December 2016, seating 50 +, running tournaments of all sizes, and serving locally sourced snacks and grub. Although our founding couple has moved on to focus on their budding new family, ShoeBox Games & Cafe continues to strive to be a friendly, welcoming environment for nerdy Calgarians of all ages to chilax ( Yah, that’s right, I said chilax ) over table top games and snacks.

We currently carry the largest selection of Pokemon Trading Card Game singles in Calgary. We buy and trade as well so whether you are looking to complete a competitive deck, fill in that empty slot in your binder, or just want a friendly face to teach you how to play, we are the place to be!



Fair's Fair Books - Book Store, Books, Used Books

Serving Calgary since 1988, Fair’s Fair Books offers quality used books at fair prices and with exceptional service. We have two bookstores specializing in maintaining the widest book selection around. Fair’s Fair Books buys, sells and trades gently used books.