RPG ALLIANCE Nov 17-19 2023 Hybrid Con


Will OPEN on September 15, 2023, and CLOSE October 15, 2023.

To SUBMIT A GAME CLICK SUBMISSIONS under the HOST MENU at the top of this page and follow the directions.


Game Runners/Event Hosts get a complimentary Game Runner Badge as a Thank You for their hard work. Without the Game Runners there are no games. The Game Runner Badge allows Game Runners to choose to be a Player for free the entire weekend in other people's games and gets you EARLY ACCESS to game signups on October 16!

In the past we had a sweet mix of well-known games like D&D 5E, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Coyote & Crow, Call of Cthulhu, Mothership, Alien, Vaesen, The Expanse, Traveller, and independent games for folks to try something new and different.

In-Person Game Runners will have their lunch on us!

Game Runners are eligible for all of the con's prize draws and giveaways, including a special THANK YOU GIFT from the Con Organizers to celebrate our 6TH ANNIVERSARY for all Game Runners who run a game during this year's con!


Our HYBRID Convention has Friday and Saturday as the ONLINE days, and Sunday as the IN-PERSON day at Dickens Pub in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Each Game will have a VOICE and TEXT chat created on the RPGA Con Discord Server by your Game's Title as soon as your game is approved and you will be able to post and pin stuff so you can interact with your players ASAP.


Con Time is Mountain Standard Time

Because TTE does not have the functionality to handle HYBRID events that are both online and in-person.

We also have a 24 hour clock for the Online days so that our Non-North American Friends have time to run and play in games at times that make sense in their part of the world.


Friday and Saturday



9:30 AM Volunteer Set Up

10:00 AM Doors Open & Check In

10:45 AM Welcome Remarks



Our goal is and has always been to strive for greater diversity and inclusion in our TTRPG community.

To do that we want to provide Game Runners, who are from communities that have been historically and currently disadvantaged in our hobby, with the ability to designate their Games as DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION GAMES.

Doing so allows them to:

1) DEFINE THEIR OWN COMMUNITY using their own terms and language (e.g. Women+, BIPOC, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Queer, etc.).

2) EMPOWERS them to decide if they will include Allies or keep the game solely for members of their own community.

3) SET THE BOUNDARIES for those Allies being welcomed into their community space (we were inspired by the Coyote & Crow Core Book and its Note to Non-Native Gamers that does a wonderful job of explaining boundaries for that world and how to play in it).


We understand DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION in the following ways:


We have added several questions to our Game Submission forms, with the "DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION" tag.

This helps us to identify your game and assign your event to the DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION GAME EVENT CATEGORY that people will see on your event page and can search. This will help everyone to know that this game/event is a safe space for this particular D-E-I community to play in.

This is our first attempt at creating these types of safe spaces, we are learning as we are going but our intention is that everyone has a safe and respectful place at this convention and in the TTRPG community. We are not perfect but we are trying to be better.

How to BE an ALLY?

To us being an ally includes:



We have added an EVENT CATEGORY for CHARITY GAMES, which you can respond to in the Game Submissions form.

This will make it easier for people to identify and support your charity games at the con.

Every year we support local charities. We encourage and hope some of you Game Runners will join us by bringing the spirit of giving to your games by running in-game donation incentives through our Canada Helps Fund Raising Event and our Streamlabs Charity campaign for our American folks.

Our Suggested Player In-game Donations (but you can use any amounts or benefits you want):


Game Runner/Event Hosts MUST also agree to support and follow our Safe Space Code of Conduct and use a safety tool, such as the X-Card or Lines and Veils. For more choices play check out Monte Cook's Consent in Gaming free booklet, it is AMAZING!

Also providing trigger and content warnings are helpful too.

We will provide X-Cards, Name Plates and Pronoun Stickers for every table at Dickens Pub.

Our suggestion for Roll20 and other VTTs: Set the X-Card as a CHARACTER in the Journal and make it viewed by All Players and Editable by All Players, then they can just drag it onto the map screen to use. Here is a Transparent image for the X-Card Character token for you:




Discord did feature improvement to their VOICE CHANNELS so we no longer need separate voice and text game channels. All game channels will now be set up as voice, and will have an integrated text channel built into them. the only real "trick" is that you have to mouse over the voice channel name which will pop up the text icon. See below for example:



Remember our base time zone is MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, but this is a WORLDWIDE event so we have tried to have a broad range of times for INTERNATIONAL gamers, Use this site to convert to your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


Your Game Runner/Host Responsibilities

1) You must read the SAFE SPACE CODE page. By making your submission you are agreeing to adhere and enforce it and to use some sort of safety tool at your game for everyone’s safety and gaming fun. The default safety tool is the [X-CARD]. You also agree to communicate well with the Organizers, your Players, and to be on time. Any No-Shows may be banned from further RPGA events.

2) This is a HYBRID Con with a 1 Day IN-PERSON (Sunday), and 2 Days ONLINE (Friday & Saturday).

Please be aware that the IN-PERSON Con has a possibility of being cancelled depending on the Heath Measures at the time and our Venue's status.

3) ONLINE Events: the Hosts/Game Runners are responsible for choosing your format and setting up the online spaces for your game and providing the links to the organizers and participants.

We will provide a Voice and Text Channel for your games on our DISCORD server immediately once your game is approved and you can start pinning posts and interacting with players there.

4) CHECK IN WITH YOUR PLAYERS LIST: We are suggesting to Game Runners to send links 2-3 days before the game. Then again 30 minutes BEFORE your start time. Players may have cancelled or new ones may joined up and need your links sent to them.

5) Plan to spend around 15 - 30 mins for PLAYER ORIENTATION, many are NEW and need a walk thru of your online venue, help with their microphones or basic rules for your game/event. You are required to send the Organizers your links so our help desk can direct any lost players.

6) RPG and Panel events: please do NOT pick times in the daily intermissions, that's when we plan our PRIZE DRAWS AND SWITCHING GAMES.

7) All con times are MOUNTAIN STANDARD. Be aware when you are selecting your start times.

8) You must provide your VTT links (Roll20/Foundry/Vault/Zoom), in your submission form so that our HELP DESK can direct any players that are lost.

9) CANCELLATION - We totally understand Real Life and Your Health comes first.

If you need to cancel PLEASE: 1) let us know by email or discord; 2) let your players know as soon as possible using the message system on your TTE game event; 3) delete your event in TTE under HOST > SUBMISSIONS; and, 4) put a note in your Game's Discord text channel. This all helps get the message out to your players so they have time to find another game. We appreciate as much notice as you can give.

Thanks Game Runners!