RPG ALLIANCE Nov 17-19 2023 Hybrid Con



Our goal is and has always been to strive for greater diversity and inclusion in our TTRPG community.

To do that we want to provide Game Runners, who are from communities that have been historically and currently disadvantaged in our hobby, with the ability to designate their Games as DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION GAMES.

Doing so allows them to:

1) DEFINE THEIR OWN COMMUNITY using their own terms and language (e.g. Women+, BIPOC, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Queer, etc.).

2) EMPOWERS them to decide if they will include Allies or keep the game solely for members of their own community.

3) SET THE BOUNDARIES for those Allies being welcomed into their community space (we were inspired by the Coyote & Crow Core Book and its Note to Non-Native Gamers that does a wonderful job of explaining boundaries for that world and how to play in it).


We understand DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION in the following ways:


We have added several questions to our Game Submission forms, with the "DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION" tag.

This helps us to identify your game and assign your event to the DIVERSITY-EQUITY-INCLUSION GAME EVENT CATEGORY that people will see on your event page and can search. This will help everyone to know that this game/event is a safe space for this particular D-E-I community to play in.

This is our first attempt at creating these types of safe spaces, we are learning as we are going but our intention is that everyone has a safe and respectful place at this convention and in the TTRPG community. We are not perfect but we are trying to be better.

How to BE an ALLY?

To us being an ally includes: