RPG ALLIANCE Nov 17-19 2023 Hybrid Con


The RPG Alliance Con is about bringing people together as a community and every year we try to give back to the larger community. In 2023 there are so many challenges that people are facing that we wanted to support a variety of charities in Canada and in the USA. Many thanks for your generous hearts!





(see our list of charities below)


Our GAME SUBMISSIONS FORM has a question asking if your game is a CHARITY GAME or not?

If you choose YES then your game will be listed as a "Special Event Designation: Charity Game", and you will see this on your Game/Event page.

Players are then able to search all the Charity Games they want to play in.

Click here to donate

We know times are tough for many people in our various communities. Giving is completely optional, and only give what you can afford.

Game Runners: you can encourage donations in your game but don't coerce or harass players into donating. It's meant to be a fun mechanic in support of charity for those who choose to participate, but not at the expense of fun for the entire table.


It's easy to bring the giving spirit into your games by using the in-game incentives for donations through our CANADA HELPS AND STREAMLABS CHARITY campaign pages.

Below is only an example, but do whatever works best and is fun for your game:

Player In-Game Donations Example

Game Runners: you're free to employ or ignore any of the above suggestions, or make up your own!



Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth, Calgary Home - USAY


The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) will enrich the lives of all urban Indigenous youth by nurturing self-empowerment and fostering healthy collaboration and communication to ensure healthy future generations.


The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) will be recognized as a fundamental organization in society, empowering urban Indigenous youth to envision and attain a healthy sustainable future while upholding traditional Indigenous values.

About USAY The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth has been an influential not-for profit organization in Calgary since 2001. USAY strives to provide essential programming and services to Calgary’s Indigenous youth between the ages of twelve and twenty-nine. USAY will enrich the lives of all urban Indigenous youth by nurturing self-empowerment and fostering strong collaboration and communication to ensure healthy future generations.




All Albertans experience healthy sexuality across the lifespan.


Centre for Sexuality Society (formerly Calgary Sexual Health Centre) aims to normalize sexual health in Alberta by providing evidenced-informed non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health services.

Agency Overview

The work of Centre for Sexuality has evolved over 42 years of working in the community. Centre for Sexuality addresses critical issues and believes that sexual health is an integral part of every single person’s health and well-being.

Our goal to normalize sexual health means that we tackle issues no one else does, and we are a leader in our field for implementing innovative sexual health programs. All of our work is evidence-informed and measurable, which means we know that we’re having a real impact in the community.

Some of the Centre's programs are:


Veterans Food Bank of Alberta | Home

The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary is a service provided by CALGARY VETERANS SERVICES SOCIETY, founded in August 2018, to serve food security and other resource needs of veterans from Calgary and the surrounding area. VFBC supports veterans who’ve served in all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces and Reserves, as well as first responders. 100% of donations are invested in providing veterans assistance and services.

We are here for our veterans, although every situation is different we strive to provide much needed Assistance. food security, housing, medical, and therapy with one of our experts in the field.

They say it takes a village and we could use your help in our mission.


S.O.S. Ukraine

S.O.S. Ukraine was founded in 1995 by a Canadian whose ancestors came to Western Canada a century ago. When she went to Ukraine to research her family tree, she was overwhelmed by their pervasive poverty. Most families in villages had no running water, and their salaries were a pittance.

All donations go directly to relief minus the transfer fees to send funds overseas, and money that CanadaHelps keeps (for regular donations, that's 3.5%). Volunteer-run. We don't pay staff salaries or overhead, so your money goes to poor families living in Ukraine.

What we are currently doing and how funds are being used:

  1. Through our many connections throughout Ukraine we are able to directly aid families who have fled war zones and the demolished areas of Mariupol, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Donetsk. These families report to us monthly with photos of goods and receipts. With their monthly funds, they have been able to pay for rent, buy food, medical needs, hygiene items, cleaning products, school supplies, hygiene items and clothing. Many are young single women with small children - some had husbands who are at war. Some fled with an elderly mother who often needs medical aid.
  2. In addition, we are aiding a large boarding house in Chernivtsi with over 200 evacuees with items like hygiene items, basic household goods (eg a cooking pot), school supplies and cleaning products.
  3. As well, we've been purchasing sleeping bags, mats, socks, t-shirts and other basics for soldiers, and food for an orphanage that relocated.
  4. We have also set up art, craft and yoga classes for young children for their mental health and to aid normal development, and are paying three certified teachers to conduct part-time classes twice a week.

Your donation will be used for medicines, food, hygiene items, rent, bedding, clothing, baby needs, as well as food, sleeping bags, tourniquets, socks and t-shirts for soldiers, as none of these are provided - they are only given weapons.

We have volunteers, native Ukrainians, assisting with vetting the refugees, or purchasing and delivering these items.

Every donation provides both hope and life support. THANK YOU for your consideration and kindness.


World Central Kitchen

WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises.

Food is essential to life every single day, all over the world—and it is more important than ever in a crisis. Not only is a thoughtful, freshly prepared meal one less thing someone has to worry about in the wake of a disaster, it is a reminder that you are not alone, someone is thinking about you, and someone cares. Food has the power to be the nourishment and hope we need to pick ourselves back up in the darkest times.

WCK teams have served meals to people recovering from crisis every single day. Hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions took the team across the world, growing in knowledge and capacity with each crisis. Initially responding to just natural disasters, WCK quickly expanded the definition of disasters to which we respond—providing nourishing meals for refugees arriving at the US border after fleeing violence and extreme poverty, Venezuelan families lacking access to food in their own neighborhoods, heroic hospital staff working nonstop in the uncertainty of a global pandemic, and Ukrainian families living through an unthinkable invasion and the constant threat of attack.


We came up with a Charity Token Card to help make donations fast and easy at your games. When a Player pledges a donation (minimum $5 seemed easiest), you give them the TOKEN Card and it acts like INSPIRATION/LUCK or in whatever way YOU decide that's fun for your game. The cards have a QR Code to the Canada Helps Fundraiser website for Players to follow up their donations pledges after the game. Again we're using the honour system. We are printing these up and will have them ready for you when you check in on Game Day Nov 19! There are 4 wonderful local charities (see below) we are supporting this year, like The Veterans Food Bank Of Calgary, and Players can donate to the charity (or charities) they like the most!


For more information watch this video:

"Go on a Drive with Trevor and Vicki for Charity! Beep Beep"