Play to Win games are donated by companies in order for you to try them out at the convention and then have a chance to take that copy home at the end of the convention.

We try to schedule as many Play to Win games as we can so there is someone to teach the game. This option will be listed under the Event Schedule as Play to Win.

For those of you looking to fill some time or are willing to learn the game your own we will have a Library of all the Play to Win games that you can check out at any time and give them a try.

If you play the game as a schedule event or check it out at the Play to Win Library and try yourself, you get a Play to Win raffle ticket for a chance to win that game.

Please remember the RAGECON Game Library is sperate from the Play to Win Library. Also, RAGEBUCK's are a separate raffle ticket from the Play to Win ticket. Please do not try to interchange these tickets as they won't count if they are not in the correct drawing.

Play to Win Drawing will take place at the end of the convention. Drawing times will be posted at the Play to Win Library. You will need to be present to win.

If you need help or have questions please email