There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner service included inside the convention space during the convention hours with seating.

The food & drink service is provided by the Nugget. We try to negotiate the best pricing along with a great food selection, including some vegan options when possible.

The food service at the convention helps us pay for the convention space each year so please try to take advantage of this service. It helps the convention but also saves you time having to leave the convention area to get meals.

Please remember there is no food or drink allowed from outside The Nugget in the convention space. If you purchase food or drink in any part of The Nugget you can bring it to the convention area.

Since we are in a casino facility alcohol will be allowed in the convention space. No drinks are allowed from outside the Nugget. Please drink responsibly and remember that RAGECON is a family event. RAGECON reserves the right to ask you to leave the convention at anytime for any reason.