Dragonsteel Nexus 2024

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Exhibitor Applications

Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 exhibitor applications are currently closed! No new applications should be submitted unless directed to by the Dragonsteel events team.

Dragonsteel reserves the right to accept or deny applications of any prospective exhibitor for any reason and at any time. We provide the following as guidelines for the type of vendors and exhibitors we are happy to welcome to our exhibitor hall.

Dragonsteel prohibits the sale of any unlicensed material of ANY intellectual property or other copyrighted material. Dragonsteel reserves the right to request proof of license or rights to sell copyrighted material. Vendors selling fan art must abide by our Fan Art Policy.

Spaces are limited. We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted to exhibit.

Exhibitor Applications Close: Friday, April 19 (5pm MDT) - Now closed

Booth Selection Deadline: Friday, May 17 (10am MDT) - Extensions will be made on a case by case basis.

Dragonsteel Culture and Values

Dragonsteel is committed to fostering a fun, inclusive, safe, and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, gender expression, gender identity, nationality, physical appearance, race, religious beliefs or background, sexual orientation, or other differences. We invite all prospective exhibitors to approach our convention with the goal and mindset to participate and join us in fostering the type of culture that encourages these values.

More information on what we expect from everyone at Dragonsteel Nexus 2024, see our Dragonsteel Code of Conduct.

Exhibitor Categories

Authors, artists, merchants, content creators, and other creators of original work are welcome to apply to exhibit at Dragonsteel Nexus 2024. Books, creative works, and products displayed and sold should match the culture and feel of the Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 convention. All displays, products, and materials must be of original, personally owned IP, or properly licensed under all applicable U.S. laws.

More details on legal requirements of all exhibitors can be found in our Exhibitor Agreement.


Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 will offer five booth sizes. After an application is accepted, exhibitors may select and pay for their booth, set up their complimentary badges, and purchase additional badges through their exhibitor account here on TableTop.Events (TTE). Booths come with a pipe and drape backdrop and small paper sign with your company name and booth number.

Booth Prices:

Standard Booth (Full Con):

  • 10'x10': $900 - Includes: One 8-foot table, two chairs, a trash can, two exhibitor badges

  • 10'x20': $1800 - Includes: Two 8-foot tables, four chairs, a trash can, four exhibitor badges

  • 10'x30': $2400 - Includes: Three 8-foot tables, six chairs, a trash can, six exhibitor badges

  • 20'x20': $3200 - Includes: Four 8-foot tables, eight chairs, a trash can, eight exhibitor badges

  • Additional Exhibitor Badges: $150

Additional costs will include internet access, electrical hookup, and any other booth customizations desired. Prices and how to sign up for and pay those expenses will be provided in our exhibitor packet as we get closer to the event date.

Indie Row - NEW THIS YEAR! (One-day booth for indie authors and artists):

  • 8'x6': $250/day - Includes: One 8-foot table, one chair, a trash can, alternate color pipe and drape backdrop, 1 Indie Row Exhibitor Badge ($125 value). BADGES MUST BE ASSIGNED TO THE SAME EXHIBITOR IF ATTENDING MULTIPLE DAYS. This booth option can be purchased across multiple days of the convention (subject to availability) once accepted.

  • Additional Indie Row Exhibitor Badge: $125

Exhibitor Perks

Standard Exhibitor Badge

  • Three-day general admission to the convention (with associated general admission perks)

  • Setup day: December 4 (Note: a time slot will be assigned to you for setup)

  • Teardown day: December 8

  • Access to exhibitor lounge (limited snacks and drinks provided)

  • Early access to vendor floor during all days of the convention (7am-10pm)

  • Early access to Dragonsteel store on December 6 & 7, before halls open to attendees (9am to 9:30am)

Indie Row Exhibitor Badge

  • Three-day general admission to the convention (with associated general admission perks)

  • Setup/teardown window on the same day you are exhibiting: setup (morning), 7am-10am; teardown (evening), 7pm-10pm

  • Access to exhibitor lounge on the day you are exhibiting

  • Early access to the vendor floor on the day you are exhibiting (7am-10pm)


When completing the application, please remember the following:

  • Company Name: If you are a company, this should be your company name. If you are an author or an artist, this should be your public-facing name. This is the name that will be visible to the attendees in our exhibitor list!

  • Logo: This should be a professional quality headshot or your professional logo. This should be an image that our attendees will be able to use to immediately recognize you or your products.

  • Booth Sorting: On TTE, it may be easiest for you to find your preferred booth size by sorting by "Booth Type".

  • Email address: Ensure that you are completing your application from the email address that you would like to use to both receive communication related to the event and manage the exhibitor application. If this changes, please let us know so we can update the email address associated with the application.

  • Utah State Tax Commission: If approved as a exhibitor, you can expect that the Utah State Tax Commission will mail you a temporary sales tax license and a special return to sell in the State of Utah for anyone wishing to sell merchandise. This communication will likely take place 1-2 months prior to the event. Approximately 6-7 weeks ahead of the convention, we will contact you to notify you that the USTC is preparing to contact you and what information they'll need. If you have exhibited in the past, or hold a permanent sales license in Utah, the USTC will use the previous information they have on file for you. If you are a new exhibitor or your information has changed (e.g., mailing address, business status, etc.), you will receive communication from them to confirm your details before sending you those forms. The Dragonsteel Events team will notify you if we learn of any changes to this process.

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