Dragonsteel Nexus 2024

Volunteering for Dragonsteel Nexus 2024

Volunteer applications are open for Dragonsteel Nexus 2024!

How to Volunteer

Go HERE and select "Apply to Volunteer". Complete the application by filling all required sections.

What to Expect

We will review your application and assign you a volunteer badge and approve you for volunteer shifts if you have been approved (shifts may not be available for sign up when you are approved, but you will be assigned to specific "Shift Types" that you can sign up for as soon as they become available).

You will receive a message letting you know your badge has been assigned that contains further instructions on the next steps to volunteer for Dragonsteel Nexus 2024!


Our first round of volunteer approvals will take place prior to May 6. We will do our best to approve as many volunteers as we can, but we cannot guarantee that all volunteers will be approved.

If you are not approved by this date, please keep in mind that numbers of required volunteers may increase as we approach the convention and have a better idea of our needs. As such, volunteers will be approved on a rolling basis up to the start of the convention to make sure we have the support required to run the event. If you have already purchased a badge prior to approval, when you receive your volunteer badge we will refund the cost of your badge.

Note: we are unable to permit minors to volunteer for Dragonsteel events without the express authorization of the Dragonsteel team.