Dragonsteel Nexus 2024

Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 Anti-Harassment Policy

Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 is a friendly, fun place where the community and Dragonsteel staff can interact. Our community is always growing, and the following ground rules have been put in place to provide a safe place for everyone. You belong here!

There are all kinds of fans attending Dragonsteel Nexus 2024. Using derogatory labels for other fans can be hurtful and isolate others. Though disagreements may happen, this is not a space for heated debate. Remember that we are all here to celebrate our love of books. Respect new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Please help us keep it fun!

Next Generation Fans Present

Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 is friendly to all fans! Please be respectful to those of all ages while attending this event.


Do not abuse, defame, harass, threaten, intimidate, or stalk others while attending Dragonsteel Nexus 2024. Community members should feel welcome while they're attending.


Making comments solely to provoke a strong negative reaction or conflict do not contribute to the inviting place we'd like our community to be.

Profanity/Vulgar Speech

While certain language may not be offensive to you, please consider that some words and phrases may have a completely different effect on someone else.

Malicious Speech

Comments that contain content endorsing hatred or violence on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality, or for any other reason are not welcome at Dragonsteel Nexus 2024.


Claiming to be other community members in order to obtain admittance to Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 is considered harassment and fraud. When this is discovered, the attendee will be required to remove themselves from the convention and risk permanent ban from future events.


Spam can include placing advertisements/flyers that have not been pre-approved by Dragonsteel staff. This is not allowed.

Illegal Activity

Do not advocate or disclose intent to commit illegal activities while attending Dragonsteel Nexus 2024. This includes (but is not limited to) activities that encourage fraud, piracy, or violence.

Remember that the above guidelines are not hard and fast rules for every situation that may arise. These guidelines are subject to change as necessary.

Violating any of these guidelines may result in an attendee's removal, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the Dragonsteel community.

If you have a question regarding any portion of these guidelines, please visit the convention info booth, find a Dragonsteel Nexus 2024 staff member, or email events@dragonsteel.com.