BGG.Spring 2024

We are so grateful you are joining us for a BGG Event. We are excited to share with you our love of the board gaming hobby and hope you will have a good experience.

As with all games and events, there are rules/policies. This page contains the simplified version. If you would like to read the fine print, there are links provided.

All attendees will need to sign their acceptance of these rules/policies when picking up their badge. So please read these carefully.

Code of Conduct

(For a more detailed version click HERE)

Be Kind and Respectful - Speak kindly and positively about others. Do not insult others or put them down, even in joking. Avoid gossip of any kind and avoid speaking in anger. No cursing, swearing or using ugly words or gestures. No bullying. Do not tell jokes or stories about someone behind their back.

Be Prepared - Read the rules ahead of time and be on time.

Look Good - If you can wear it to school or out in public, then you can probably wear it at BGG Events.

Play from start to finish - BE ON TIME or a little bit early to your game and use good manners all the way through.

Have Fun! Make new friends!

Pretty simple, right? So what happens if there is a problem?

If you are having a problem, contact a Team Geek member (in the light gray jerseys) or a BGG Events staff member (orange jersey) or e-mail a BGG Events Admin

If someone in your game has a problem with something you are doing, and they ask you to stop, you must stop it. If you choose not to stop it, and Team Geek and/or BGG Events Staff are notified, then the BGG Events Staff will talk with you (and potentially parents/guardians if you are under 18) and you may be removed from the convention and not able to play anymore.

Health & Safety Guidelines

(For a more detailed version click HERE)

Take Care of Yourself - Eat, Sleep, Hydrate regularly and if you need some downtime, take it.

Health Concerns - You and your doctor are the best judges of how best to participate among people based on your current health and wellness, however, if your issues have potential to impact other attendees, we ask you to take precautions to respect others ability to participate.

Pay Attention to your surroundings - Be aware of the time of day/night, who you are with, where exits are, etc.

Ask for Help - If you need assistance, ask.

Remember that your choices for how you respect your health and safety and the health and safety of others are yours and BGG Events staff and volunteers will not be held liable if you become ill or injured.

Hotel Policies

(For a more detailed version click HERE)

While we use the Hyatt hotel system for our events, policies may vary between individual hotels - please review the policies carefully. Also, note that BGG Events may have additional policies in place related to our use of the meeting spaces.

Outside Alcoholic Beverages - Per the laws of the State of Texas NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PERMITTED in the convention meeting spaces unless they have been purchased directly from the hotel. BGG Events Staff and Hotel Management reserve the right to remove the alcoholic beverages and/or the individual(s) from the meeting spaces.

Smoking/Vaping - No Smoking/Vaping allowed inside the Hotel (per City of Dallas ordinances and Hotel placards).

Animals - Hyatt Regency DFW Airport Pet Policy. In addition to hotel policies, BGG Events policy is to not allow animals in any meeting space of the convention (with the exception of registered service animals). This includes the Exhibit Hall, Library and all other events spaces.

Firearms - Hyatt Regency DFW Airport

Information regarding Hotel Amenities

BGG Events Policies

(For a more detailed version click HERE)

Badges & Wristbands Required - Badges and Wristbands are required to be worn by all attendees for access to any game rooms, Exhibit Hall, Library, and all events held as part of BGG Events.

Badge Transfers - Badges are non-sharable. They are fully transferable via the Friend system. Please note the Badge Edit Deadline - May 1, 2024. Badges transferred to anyone after this deadline, will NOT have the badge name printed correctly.

NO Day-Passes - No Day-Pass badges are available. The registration fee is the same whether you come for one day or the whole convention.

Refunds are available until May 22, 2024. See HERE for refund instructions.

Children at BGG.Spring - We welcome children of all ages at BGG.Spring. Please review the Badge FAQ and Gamers-In-Training pages for more information.

Animals - In addition to hotel policies, animals are not allowed in any meeting space of the convention (with the exception of registered service animals). This includes the Exhibit Hall, Library and all other events spaces.


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