BGG.Spring 2024

Types of Badges

Children - age 0-3 - no badge required, but MUST remain in the presence of parent(s)/authorized guardian(s). At no time will BoardGameGeek or Team Geek take responsibility for your children of any age - there is no babysitting service provided.

Badge vs. Ticket

Badges and wristbands are required to enter the convention, play in the open gaming area, borrow games from the BGG Library, visit the Exhibit Hall and participate in convention related events. Tickets are only required for reserving your seat at a table for specific games or events with limited seating.

Note that Tickets are free for all events at BGG conventions so even though the Tabletop.Events (TTE) system may say "Buy Tickets" in various places, it really means "reserve"/"get" - it won't cost you anything over or above the Badge purchase.

Badges/Tickets for friends You are allowed to purchase badges for you and your friends/family members on your TTE account. Please review the Friend system for purchasing and giving badges and tickets to your friends/family.

Please note: If your friends/family members do not have TTE accounts, you will need to "buy" any tickets for attendee scheduled games for them and they will not be able to sign up through the TTE system to volunteer in the library.

Badge Transfers

Badges are non-sharable. They are fully transferable via the Friend system. Please note the Badge Edit Deadline - May 1, 2024. Badges transferred to anyone after this deadline, will NOT have the badge name printed correctly.

NO Day-Passes

No Day-Pass badges are available. The registration fee is the same whether you come for one day or the whole convention. See pricing above.

Event Designations

See this page for more information regarding Scheduling a Game or Event

Make note of the following designations:

Ticket Waitlist/Notification List

Everyone on the waitlist for an event will be notified via email when a Ticket becomes available for the event. There is no ordering/priority or automatic granting of tickets. This feature would probably be better described as a "notification list".


Refunds for badges purchased on TTE can be refunded the full amount minus any associated fees (payment processing and TTE support) up until May 22, 2024. See HERE for refund instructions.

Because badges can become available at anytime due to refunds we will no longer manage an official waitlist.

REFUND DEADLINE: May 22, 2024 - Badges purchased after this date are non-refundable.


If you have any questions not answered through any of the links on this site, email us directly at