But will CLOSE Nov 18, 2020.

Role Playing Games, Board Games and Panel Events are welcome!


Events MUST BE scheduled within 9 AM, 2 PM, or 7 PM time-slots for Saturday and Sunday, Friday’s only time slot begins at 6 PM.

To SUBMIT A GAME CLICK HERE or the SUBMIT EVENT button on the Home page.



SLOT 1) 6:00 PM to 11:45 PM (Mountain Standard Time)


SLOT 1) 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)

SLOT 2) 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

SLOT 3) 7:00 PM to 11:45 PM

Game Masters/Event Hosts, you can START and END your event/game at any time within the time slot's range, but you MUST END no later than the slot END time.

Some EXAMPLES are:

1) GM Sarah wanted her D&D 5E RPG GAME to run on Saturday but doesn't want or need to stat at 9:00 AM, because she's running a 3-hour adventure, she can choose her start time as 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, which gives her time to enjoy her morning coffee.

2) Or Event Host Jamie wants to run a 1 hour PANEL on making game terrain, so they start at 4:30 PM and end at 5:30 PM. This gives Jamie time a for a bathroom break/eat dinner before they go off to play in the 7:00 PM ALIEN RPG game that they have been excited to try out as a player.

3) Or Tommy is running a Zomibcide BOARD GAME on Tabletopia and needs 5 hours so he starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 12:00 AM MST. He's in Australia, so HIS time zone (AWST), is 11:00 AM and his game can run as long as he likes!

SAFETY TOOLS: Game Masters/Event Hosts MUST also agree to support and follow our Safe Space Code of Conduct and use a safety tool, such as the X-Card or lines and veils. For more choices play check out Monte Cook's Consent in Gaming free booklet, it is AMAZING! Also providing trigger and content warnings are helpful too.
Our ROLL20 X-Card suggestion: Set the X-card as a CHARACTER in the Journal and make it viewed by All Players and Editable by All Players, then they can just drag it onto the map screen to use. Here is a Transparent image for the X-Card Character token for you:



Game Masters/Event Hosts get a free GM Badge as a thank you for their hard work. Without the GM's there are no games. The GM Badge allows Game Masters to then choose to be a Player for free the entire weekend in other people's games. We want you Game/Dungeon Masters to run the GAME SYSTEM you want to so you have fun too. In the past we had a nice mix of well-known games like D&D 5E and independent games for folks to try something new and different.

You will also get our Digital GM Token set suitable for Roll20 and other Virtual Tabletop Platforms. This includes the player token set and exclusive GM tokens.


1) We have a Roll20 PRO account you can use. This means you have memory to spare for not just maps and tokens but also sound effects, gifs, and background music. The Roll20 D&D 5E Compendium has a limit of 5 games we can share with in our account.

2) We have a DISCORD SERVER already set you for you to use for Game Chat or Video Chat.

3) We are offering GM and Player tutorials for Roll20 and Discord every Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM in September and October. So if you are a GM who has NOT run an online game, we can help you. In 30 minutes we can have you and your game up and running. It's actually pretty easy to learn and COVID-19 is going to be around for awhile so let us help you make the leap online, you won't regret it. We will post these tutorials' schedule shortly.


We have a MEETUP group that we schedule Play Test games so you can practice running your event/game to test out running time and set ups. Meetup is FREE to join and our group already has players ready for your games! RPG ALLIANCE Convention (Calgary, AB)


Remember our base time zone is MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, but this is a WORLDWIDE event so we have tried to have a broad range of times for INTERNATIONAL gamers, Use this site to convert to your time zone: