Frequently Asked Questions

General Info: THIS is for the online RPG ALLIANCE CON 2020 (RPGA-Con):

1) What are the dates for RPGA-Con?

Friday, November 20, Saturday November 21, and Sunday, November 22, 2020. The convention hours will be 10 AM to 11 PM, Mountain Standard Time. Not sure what that converts to in your time zone? We have a chart on the RPGA-Con's Tabletop Event's home page to refer to.

2) When will Player badge registration open for RPGA-Con?

HALLOWEEN, Oct 31, 2020, right after we finalize all the Game Masters and games on the schedule.

3) What will Player badges cost?

$4 USD Player badge goes to advertising and setting up a Roll20 Pro account for Game Master's to use, a Pro account give a tons of memory and features for the Game Masters to make their games as cool as possible.

4) What is I can’t afford the Badge price (COVID sucks, I’m a student, I have to feed my kids, I’ve been laid off)?

If you are low income please email us at about your circumstances and we will consider giving Player Badges for free to those in need. Don’t worry we’ve all had hard times and we just want this event accessible to all incomes.

5) I’m a teen, can I play?

The Game Masters set the Minimum Age Limit on their games so make certain to check each game event’s description for which AGE the game is intended for.

6) How long does a game take?

The Game Master’s will list the duration and the event has a start time. Check these and make certain you can play the entire game. Game Masters put a lot of work into these online events so please respect their time and effort.

7) How do I get the link to play on the games?

The Game Masters will email players the links before the game day, to avoid spamming we are not listing them directly. We recommend Game Masters do this at least 2 days before the game day and no later than 2 hours before the start time.

8) How do I prepare to play?

At least 2 days before the con we suggest you connect with your Game Masters about Characters, TEST your equipment, especially your microphone on the app or venue the game will be played on and make sure it works. Ask your Game Master for help if it doesn’t so you have a few days to sort that out. If you aren’t ready to play at the game’s start time the Game Master has every right to start without you as time is limited. Most games will use the DISCORD app so sign up for a free account and learn how to use it. Other games use the Roll20 website, which also has a free account. Other virtual tabletop apps the GM will post in their game descriptions.

Events & Games

1) When will event schedule and registration be live?

The event schedule can be seen at any time after September 1, 2020, as we add games, but Player Badge sales go live on Oct 31, 2020, once you have a Badge you can reserve your seat at the games you want by GETTING an event ticket.

2) What platform will you be using for games and how much will it cost?

Game Masters and event organizers can choose what platform they are most comfortable with to run their games. Some of the platforms being used are: Roll20, Zoom, Tabletopia, Discord, Google Hangouts, Tabletop Simulator, Fantasy Grounds, etc. Your chosen platform will be listed on the event description to help attendees know which platform they will need to play or demo your game. There will be no charge for most games or events.

3) Will there be someone to help with character building?

If Game Masters are allowing Player created characters then that Game Master would be the person to assist in building those with you. MOST games will likely use pre-generated characters that the Game Master makes up before the game so it is easier for them to set up on their online venue. It is totally up to the GM running the game.

4) What equipment do I need?

Usually you need a computer or laptop, a microphone or head set with a microphone for the voice chats, some may need a webcam for video chat games, you may need to set up a Roll20 free account here: Roll20 And/Or a Discord (for voice chat), free account here: Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out

5) How do I get a seat for the game I want to play?

Got the top menu bar, -Click ATTEND-Click EVENTS SCHEDULE- then scroll and look at the event titles, for more information CLICK on the EVENT TITLE, you'll see the description of the Event details, including a short description, CLICK READ MORE for the long description if there is one. If you want to pick this game go back and -Click on GET a ticket.

Game Masters & Event Organizers

1) How do I submit games?

On our RPGA-Con Tabletop Event site home page.

Look to the RIGHT side menu and the SUBMIT EVENTS button. Click on that and it takes you to the SUBMIT EVENTS page. You will see a GREEN button called NEW SUBMISSION, click on that. Choose an Event Type (Role Playing Games OR Board Games).

Then fill out all the information requested: Event Name, Short Description (what online venues are you using and what is your story hook), Start Times (Friday is 6PM, Saturday and Sunday's are 9AM OR 2PM OR 7PM), Duration (you can start any time in the slot you have choosen but you MUST END on time so players can go to their next game EXCEPT for the last slot of the day and there you can end anytime you want), Age Range, Game System, Number of Players, Character level, Pre-generated characters or not, etc. The deadline for Game Master Submissions is Oct 31.

2) Will I receive any perks for running an event at RPGA-Con?

Yes, Game Master’s get a FREE GM Badge that allows you to be a player at other games for free all weekend.

3) Can you help me set up online?

Yes, we have a Roll20 Pro account and a Discord server for you to use. Email us what you want to do and we will try and help set you up. If you want to run other online platforms then unfortunately we can’t assist.