Midwinter Gaming Convention 2024

Apply to Exhibit and/or Sponsor

At this time our Exhibit Hall is SOLD OUT

Updated 1/27/2023

By submitting this application I understand that the Midwinter Gaming Convention Staff reserve the right to limit sales of certain items*, and I agree to allow them to screen all items that I am selling at the convention. I agree that the Midwinter Gaming Convention is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

I also understand and will abide by all convention rules as posted online and on printed materials.

Copyrighted Materials - Exhibitors shall not play or permit the playing or performance of, or distribution of any copyrighted material at the show unless they have obtained all necessary rights and paid all required royalties, fees or other payments. The Exhibitor bears all responsibility and risk for the items brought for sale at Midwinter Gaming Convention. If goods for sale appear to be very similar to a licensed, copyrighted, etc. piece of art, the Exhibitor may be asked to remove it from display and sale at the discretion of the Convention Organizers. The Convention Organizer’s decision is final.

Taxes and Licenses - Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining any licenses, permits, or approvals required to vend at the convention. Exhibitors are also responsible for obtaining tax identification numbers and reporting/paying all taxes and fees associated with vending at Midwinter.

Midwinter Logo and Artwork - Exhibitors shall not sell items featuring the artwork and logos of Midwinter Gaming Convention (either current year or previous) without prior written permission from the Convention Organizers.

Cancellation policy - Any Exhibitor wishing to cancel their exhibit space must do so in writing. Cancellations received prior to July 11th will be eligible for a full refund, provided cancelled space is able to be filled. Cancellations received prior to October 31st will be eligible for 75% refund, provided cancelled space is able to be filled. Cancellations received after October 31st are non-refundable for any reason. Midwinter reserves the right to re-sell any cancelled space at their own discretion. Cancelations will also result in a revocation of Returning Exhibitor discounts and perks.

*such as sexually explicit material inappropriate for underage consumers

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