Midwinter Gaming Convention 2023


Midwinter holds a core belief that everyone is welcome at our table(s). But actions speak louder than words and our use of the Empire Ballroom for our Board Game Events at the Hilton has not practiced what we preached. While the historical aspects of the hotel are beautiful, the stairs leading up to this particular ballroom and the inconvenient lift access have led us to the decision to revamp our convention setup.

Moving forward, we will no longer use the Empire Ballroom for any events. Gaming events will take place on the Fourth and Fifth Floors of the Hilton, in rooms that are better configured to be accessible to mobility devices, more conducive to lighting, and cognizant of volume levels.

We hope these steps put action to our intent to make everyone welcome. If you have questions regarding any aspect of accessibility, please connect with us here or at DaydreamProductionsLLC@gmail.com that we may address your needs and accommodations. We are always looking for ways to improve the experiences all of our guests have at the show!


Complimentary badges are available to individuals joining guests who may not be able to navigate the convention on their own. Please contact DaydreamProductionsLLC@gmail.com to make arrangements. Companion badgeholders are expected to remain with their party at all times. If a companion wishes to attend the convention apart from their party, a purchased badge will be required.


Discounted parking is available to those staying in the hotel through our group rate. Parking is available in the structure attached to the Hilton, entrance is on 5th Street. Each level has multiple disabled parking spots located directly next to the doorway into the elevator lobby. The doors to this lobby are not automatic on any level. The second level leads directly into the hotel while the other levels have elevator access to level two. The second level entrance from the parking structure to the hotel is a motion activated double door.


Aside from the adjoining parking structure, the primary entrance to the hotel is located on 5th Street. There is both a revolving door and motion activated entrance which is accessible via mobility devices. Elevators to the main lobby are located to the left of the cafe when entering on 5th Street.


The Hilton Downtown City Center is on the National Historical Register of Hotels. All areas schduled by the convention are mobility device accessible EXCEPT the Empire Ballroom which is located on the lobby level, and will no longer be used as gaming event space for our show. Apart from the tiled lobbies, the flooring throughout the hotel is of low pile carpeting.


There are two banks of elevators with access to the convention space, as well as a set of escalators. The primary bank of elevators is located just off the lobby and may see high volumes of traffic as we are not the only group at the Hilton over the weekend. There is a second bank of elevators located down the hallway behind the escalators that may see reduced traffic and we actively encourage guests to use these elevators if they are able to do so to decrease volume at the primary bank for those who are unable to travel as far. No hotel key is required to use the elevators. We encourage our guests to utilize the escalators and secondary elevators to reduce traffic at the primary bank. Please be courteous to those who are unable to wait long, and those guests who require assistance and allow them priorty access to the primary elevators.


Accessible/companion and unisex bathrooms are located on the lobby level, between the Empire Ballroom and the Monarch Lounge. There are two bathrooms in this area, and a ramp to bypass the steps to access them. Bathrooms are also located on the fourth and fifth floors of the Hilton, with the fifth floor facilities offering better accessibility/ease of movement.


There is comfortable seating throughout the hotel for those who may need to rest. We are also setting up additional tables and seating for pick up games or people who want to take a break and chat for a bit. In addition, the hallways are spacious with plenty of room for movement. There will be a few spaces in the front row of our media room available for wheelchairs/scooters. Please note that the hotel does not have scooters or wheelchairs to borrow or rent. Should we find we need to create a line for any event, we will keep the accessibility questions in mind. We WILL however, make sure there is ample space and maneuverability in our Registration line to accommodate mobility devices.


All of the restaurants in the hotel either do not have stairs or have ramps in place to bypass stairs.


There is no shuttle between locations as we only have one site. Accessible shuttles are available from the airport but the hotel does not have a dedicated shuttle service.


The Hilton is a very pet friendly hotel, but in consideration of everyone's comfort we must limit the presence of our furry friends to certified service animals only in the convention spaces.