Dragonsteel 2022

Charity Magic Draft

Join Brandon for a night of creature casting, spell slinging, and giving to a great cause! Registration includes entry to the booster draft and a chance to play against Brandon and other Dragonsteel or MTG celebrities (celebrity matches will be determined by availability). Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each pod. Our guest list includes Isaac Stewart, Katie Payne, Stephen Bohls, and more.

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Charity Opportunity

Tickets for an overflow draft are available now that this event is sold out.

The overflow draft does not include a chance to play against Brandon, but includes all other perks and will take place at the same time in our gaming hall.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the School Zone at the Primary Children's Hospital Gail Miller location in Lehi. To learn more about The Lightweaver Foundation or School Zone, click below.

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