Dragonsteel 2022

Apply to Exhibit

Open Applications

For the first time, Dragonsteel 2023 will be open exhibitor applications to the general public!

While Dragonsteel reserves the right to accept or deny applications of any prospective exhibitor for any reason and at any time, we provide the following as guidelines for the type of vendors and exhibitors we are happy to welcome to our exhibitor hall.

Dragonsteel Culture and Values

Dragonsteel is committed to fostering a fun, inclusive, safe, and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, gender expression, gender identity, nationality, physical appearance, race, religious beliefs or background, sexual orientation, or other differences. We invite all prospective exhibitors to approach our convention with the goal and mindset to participate and join us in fostering the type of culture that encourages these values.

More information on what we expect from everyone at Dragonsteel 2023, see our Dragonsteel Code of Conduct.

Exhibitor Categories

Authors, artists, merchants, content creators, and other creators of original work are welcome to apply to exhibit at Dragonsteel 2023. Books, creative works, and products displayed and sold should match the culture and feel of the Dragonsteel 2023 convention. All displays, products, and materials must be of original, personally owned IP, or properly licensed under all applicable U.S. laws.

More details on legal requirements of all exhibitors can be found in our Exhibitor Agreement.


When completing the application, please remember the following:

  • Company Name: This should be your public facing name. This is the name you publish your books under, the name you use to sell your artwork, or other name you are best known by.
  • Logo: This should be a professional or professional-level headshot or your professional logo. This should be an image that our attendees will be able to use to immediately recognize you or your products.
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