Savage Geek Fest



The Savage Geek Fest Art Show will be held on the 3rd floor of the Carding Building for the entirety of the convention. This floor will be locked and secured before and after hours apart from Savage Mill maintenance staff and the businesses with space on the floor. No photography is allowed at the Art Show and all medium and large bags and backpacks are subject to a bag check. Savage Geek Fest staff will be monitoring the entrances and exits to the floor and be walking the show throughout the day.

Registration Requirements

Applications must be submitted online. Please review the following prior to submitting your application.

In lieu of a space fee, Savage Geek Fest is requiring an 8% commission on all sales. This commission covers basic costs of the convention, and the credit card fees upon payment. All sales will be run through Omnihedral at the end of the convention. Artists will still be required to purchase a badge to attend the event, or have a designee attend the event in your stead. A limited number of artists will be able to mail in art. If you need to ship your art to Savage Geek Fest, please reach out to Shipped art will require the artist to cover all shipping and packaging costs.

2D space is available in 4’x1’, 1’x4’, and 2’x2’ sections. All art must be able to be hung using command hooks. If your art weighs over 16lbs, please inform Savage Geek Fest in your application.

3D table space is available in 8”x14” sections. Please let us know in advance if your 3D art will extend outside of these dimensions. Artists are responsible for providing specialty display stands if needed.

Every piece of art submitted must have a name, estimated value, description, and requested starting bid. If you would like your art to have a quick sale/buy-out option, please provide that requested price as well. If you would like a piece to be shown but not sold, please include this information in your application.

Limited edition signed prints and photos of 250 or less are allowed in the Art Show with the same requirements stated above. Open edition prints or photos are allowed in the Art Show for the quick sale/buy-out option only. Savage Geek Fest is considering a print shop which will be determined based on the level of interest in Art Show applications.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Emily at