PretzCon 2024

Never been to a tabletop game convention before? Here's how it works!

  1. Purchase admission in the form of a badge - you can preregister for the whole weekend, or come on just a specific day and buy at the door.

  2. Sign up in advance to run games! Using our online registration system (linked below) you can add games to our schedule! Games will be reviewed, approved, and scheduled soon after they are submitted. Once the convention has started, there will be blank signup sheets that you can use to add new games to the schedule. Find a spot when a table isn't otherwise occupied, and add your game to the schedule. No approval needed, as long as you respect the games that are already scheduled!

  3. Sign up in advance to play games! Using the registration system, you can obtain tickets ("buy" them for $0) to register for games. Of course you'll need to buy a badge in order to come play, but you can use these tickets to reserve a spot at the game you want to play. Once the convention has started, there will be a signup sheet for each game on our schedule - simply write your name down to save yourself a spot in the game.

  4. Forget the schedule and play what you want! Anyone with admission to the convention can find an open table during the convention, grab some friends, and play any game that they bring with them, or that they check out from our library of games! In addition, there will be some games at our game library that have been generously donated by game publishers that will be given away to a random player who checked the game out and played it during the convention!

  5. More interested in role-playing games or wargames than board games? We have that too! We will have tables dedicated to the Omaha Pathfinders Society, the D&D Adventure's League, and the Omaha BattleTech group! All experience levels are welcome! Tabletop game conventions are a great way to play a game for the very first time that you've always wanted to try, or to carve out the time to play a more involved game that is just hard to fit into your regular schedule. It's a great way to meet people who are also interested in games!