NEA Game Fest 2019

NEA Game Fest will have a ton of free events, promos, giveaways and more for Magic: The Gathering!

Valkyrie Gaming of Poplar Bluff will host our MTG events, and all events at the convention will be sanctioned! We're so thankful to have them as a resource! In addition to three free events, they will be hosting on demand events including Commander Pods, and drafts!

Free 8 player Magic Drafts

We will be hosting 2 FREE* 8 player magic drafts! Each convention goer is limited to a single draft to allow as many players to get in on free drafts as possible!

Prize support:*

Top 4: 1 pack

2nd place: 2 packs

1st place: 4 packs

Free Modern Win-a-Box

We will be hosting a FREE* 32 player win-a-box modern tournament! Four rounds of swiss followed by a cut to top 8!

Prize support:*

Top 16: 1 pack

Top 8: 2 packs

Top 4: 5 packs

2nd place: 18 packs

1st place: Booster box!

*You must purchase a badge to the convention in order to participate in any convention event. Prize support is not 100% finalized.