Midwinter Gaming Convention 2025

Midwinter GM Information & Perks - Updated 4/15/24

Please read the full page as we have made changes to the GM Program

If you are considering submitting events DO NOT purchase your admission. GM's will be able to register for events beginning October 20th at 10 AM CST along with all other admission types.

Thank you for your interest in running events at the annual Midwinter Gaming Convention. Without amazing GM’s such as yourself, our show would not succeed. You bring so much to the table and we want to say “thank you” for all the hard work you put into your events.

Events with NO Additional Cost to Guests

We're seeking Game Masters (GMs) to run events. A minimum 8 hours of events is required to earn a GM Pass, those events may be a combination of times/days/event types. The deadline to submit events is December 9th at 7pm CST, contingent on space, events submitted prior to September 30th will receive priority.

Do NOT purchase your pass, one will be created for you when you reach the minimum required hours. Admission is not mailed in advance and may be picked up at Convention Registration at The Ingleside. GM Admission is not redeemable for credit towards previously purchased passes, and cannot be used to receive a discount on Jump the Line Packages.

GM Wristbands include Convention Admission ONLY, Waterpark passes are purchased separately through The Ingleside

8+ hours = Full Convention Admission.

12+ hours = Full Convention Admission, Midwinter Enamel Pin, and $10 discount on convention t-shirts purchased at Convention Registration on-site.

16+ hours = All of the above and some special GM Swag! GM Swag is available to be picked up Sunday, January 12th from 8am-3pm.

20+ hours For *Resident GMs Only = Everything already mentioned, as well as breakfast on Friday and Saturday of the show (Both meals will be buffet style, 7am-8:30am), as well as Early Event Registration beginning 10/6/24)

*Resident GMs ran events at Midwinter the previous year and did not make any cancellations to their event schedule within one week of the convention. For the 2025 show we will use the information from 2024 (i.e. a GM who ran at least 8 hours of events at Midwinter 2024 will qualify as a Resident GM so long as they fulfilled their event schedule as posted in TableTop.Events.com and did not submit any events for cancellation on or after 1/4/24). Resident GM status must be maintained each year and will be determined each January after the current year's convention.

Additionally, all GMs will earn extra entries into our Daily Drawings: GMs running 8-15 hours of events receive one extra entry each day, GMs running 16 or more hours of events receive two extra entries each day.

What if I need a helper for my events (not LARP or Tournament)?

If your event is not a LARP or Tournament style event, you may split your GM hours to earn additional GM admissions. This will reduce your total number of hours for perks. For example, if you have submitted 20 hours of events, but have a helper, you may gift them 8 of your hours and in return you would have 12 remaining. You would qualify for the 12 hour perks. LARPs and Tournaments should contact Midwinter directly if accomodations for additional GMs are needed.

What if I want to Charge for My Events?

Midwinter allows individuals, organizations, and business to submit events at an added cost to our guests, with the following rules in place:

Submitting events with an additional cost will forfeit the GM(s) from qualifying for the GM perks listed above.

Midwinter will not take a percentage of ticket sales for such events, but the collection of funds and any necessary financial reporting is entirely on the GM(s).

Events with additional cost should be submitted with a $ in the title. Example: Super Awesome Event ($).

Events with addtional cost should note the amount per event in the description. Example: The Super Awesome Event will be $10 per person.

GM(s) wishing to submit events with an additional cost are subject to the same IP rules as our Exhibit Hall. Fan Material may not be offered at an additional cost unless rights to the IP in question have been obtained, or the subject is free of copywright law.

GM Admission is not redeemable for credit towards previously purchased passes, and cannot be used to receive a discount on Jump the Line Packages.