KoboldCon 2020


Thank you for your interest in KoboldCon. By choosing to submit/run/organize an event at KoboldCon, you:

Personal Property

You are responsible for maintaining accountability and possession of all items you bring to KoboldCon. If you need special arrangments for any part of your game or setup, please let the staff know at events@koboldcon.com. KoboldCon assumes no liability for lost or stolen items.


If there is a reason that your game can not be run, contact KoboldCon staff immediately at events@kobldcon.com so the game can be cancelled. If it is less than 24 hours before your event, please contact us at the Registration desk!

Appropriate Games

In-line with our policies stated above, you are agreeing to run events that are appropriate for the attendees of our convention. "Shocking" or "horrifying" games are allowed by exception after review by the KoboldCon staff. We want our convention to be fun and exciting for everyone. If you feel your game my "raise eyebrows" or be questionable for certain audiences, please contact us first at events@koboldcon.com.

When submitting a game:

What is NEVER appropriate:

Please Note - Finding content or subject matter acceptable at your home game with friends and/or family, does not inherently mean it is acceptable for a convention play.


Violations of these edicts are violations of our Attendee and Code of Conduct polices and can result in immediate expulsion without refund as well as a permanent ban from any and all future KoboldCon events, shows, or activities.

Before Your Game

Please arrive to your table at least 10 minutes prior to start time to get your table setup and greet your players. If your designated table is in use with less than 10 minutes before your start time, please contact KoboldCon staff. Do not attempt to move your game to another table/location.

All players must be registered for your game! This registration is available on your Event Listing at KoboldCon 2020 -or- with the paper sign-up registration at front desk. If there is open space, a player without a ticket may be sent to the Registration Desk or register for the game online with their mobile device at https://tabletop.events/conventions/koboldcon-2020. The registration desk is located at the entrance to the convention.

During Your Game

Please ensure all players are wearing a VALID KoboldCon badge for either the weekend OR for that day. You should be wearing a valid badge as well. Players or Gamemasters not wearing badges will receive a warning. If a player or gamemaster is unable to produce their badge, they may be asked to leave the convention.

Games should run as they are described in the Event Listing on the KoboldCon registration website. No changes may be made without KoboldCon staff approval. This includes start/end time, location, and content. If any changes are necessary, contact KoboldCon staff - events@koboldcon.com.

Empty Seats If you have seats available at your table, please put the RED FLAG up indicating space and/or contact the nearest KoboldCon staff member to help fill your seats!

Disruptive Attendees If there are any problems with disruptive players or security issues, contact the nearest KoboldCon staff member.

After Your Game

Please clean up your space! The area should be left as you found it. If you see areas of concern (trash, broken chairs/tables, spills), please contact KoboldCon staff.

Please ensure that the table number and holder that was present on your table at the beginning of your game is present and clearly visible at the end of your game.

GM Rewards Raffle

Approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion each 4-hour session, a random drawing of prizes will occur. Winners will be posted on a board at the Registration Desk. All raffle rewards must be claimed at the convention - there will be no shipping. Any rewards unclaimed by 3pm on Sunday will be used in future raffles or handed out to attendees. You are eligible for the GM raffle regardless of whether or not your tickets are returned to the games desk at the conclusion of your game.

GM Badge Refunds

Note: the badge requirements do not apply to any of the groups or organizations running games for KoboldCon (Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society, Play On, etc.). If you have a question about whether or not you are in one of these groups, please email: events@koboldcon.com

Due to unfortunate circumstances over the last few years, we will be doing things a little different this year with regards to GM badge registration.

GM's must purchase a badge for at least the day they are running their event (i.e. a Saturday Day Pass for a game you are running on Saturday).

GM's who run 12 or more gaming hours will receive a full weekend badge refund. GM badge refunds under two conditions:

  1. A refund will occur upon notification from the Gamemaster (you) when there are at least 4 seats filled for at least 12-hours worth of events/tables.
  2. Gamemasters who have end up filling 12-hours worth of events during the convention will be issued a refund at the conclusion of the convention.

Gamemasters do not need to turn in table information in order to be eligible for a refund.

You will NOT receive a refund if game cancellations drop the number of hours below 12. This INCLUDES games that do not occur due to low/no attendance - you are highly encouraged to promote your game throughout social media and other avenues available to you in order to get your table filled! Please contact events@koboldcon.com if you are concerned about getting players.

GM, Vendor, and Special Guest Lounge

Our GMs will have a place of their own to relax, get some refreshments and prepare their games. The GM, Special Guest & Exhibitor Lounge will be reserved for those who run slotted games at KoboldCon. There will be snacks and beverages available and our GMs will be able to rub elbows with our Special Guests and Vendors who will be using this lounge as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us: Events@koboldcon.com or Matt directly at kc.rift@gmail.com