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KoboldCon 2020 has been CANCELLED. See the convention news updates for more information.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Great Wolf Lodge, Colorado Springs

9494 Federal Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, USA

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(844) 553-9653

KoboldCon has partnered with The Great Wolf Lodge of Colorado Springs! We could not be more excited about this amazing opportunity and look forward to sharing it with you!


KoboldCon is the premiere tabletop gaming convention in Colorado Springs, presenting a huge variety of gaming opportunities and geekery right along the Front Range.

This will be KoboldCon's FOURTH successful year and we could NOT be happier you are considering attending!

KoboldCon attendees can also enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend!

Virtual Tabletop Gaming Interested in attending KoboldCon, but can't make it here in person? We will also have PLENTY of Virtual Tabletop Games available through our partner applications like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds!


KoboldCon is very proud about the Special Guests we have been able to bring to Colorado each year and this year is no different! If are interested in meeting people in the gaming industry, look no further than KoboldCon 2020!

Click here for more info on our Special Guests for 2020!!

  • Stephen Radney-MacFarland - Returning for his 3rd year! Designer for Pathfinder 2 and creator of the Delve RPG
  • Beth Damis - Returning for her 2nd year! CFO of Penny Arcade
  • Tonya Woldridge Opm - Paizo; Manager of the Pathfinder Society
  • Brian Berg - Returning for his FOURTH year! Total Party Kill Games, Wizards of the Couch, and WizCo Games
  • Skeeter Green - Skeeter Green Productions / Frog God Games
  • James Lewis - The most unfamous person in the gaming industry


If you're interested in some AWESOME tournament game play, KoboldCon is the place to be on April 24-26!!

With your Gamer Day Pass or Weekend Badge you get ONE FREE Tournament Entry Ticket.

This is good for entry in to any of the AWESOME tournaments we have going on over the weekend!

Check out this list of awesome tournies:

  • Hearthstone Tavern Hero Qualifier

  • Magic: The Gathering

  • Game Console Tournaments

  • Super Smash Bros

  • Star Wars X-Wing

  • Star Wars Destiny

  • Star Wars Legion

  • More to follow!


Gamemaster Registration opens on January 5th!

To schedule larger scale events such as tournaments, group games, or similar events, please contact us to help arrange space and resources as needed. Visit our events page for additional details: Click Here


Vendor Registration starts on December 15th!

We host a range of gaming-related dealers and exhibitors from across the Front Range and across the country!If there is a game you play, the chances are you will find a dealer with some great deals at the Con!

With an awesome "Artist's Alley" and terrific cosplay events, KoboldCon promises to be a tremendous experience for gamers and geek culture fans of all types!

Come to the show as a Visitor to just to see the booths, or get a Gaming Badge and hang out with other gamers from around Colorado Springs and across the Front Range for the whole weekend!

You'll find both popular and hard-to-find games, rare toys, gaming aids, mint comicbooks, art prints, hand-crafted goods, and gaming-themed clothing and accessories.

Check back for more vendor information soon!


KoboldCon offers great discounts for individuals and groups who can help out during the convention. We offer very flexible volunteer hours to meet your schedule and still allow you ample time to game! Come out join the crew! For more information, or to sign up to volunteer - Email Us: events@koboldcon.com


Whether you are looking for a featured sponsorship or an ad in our convention program, we offer a variety of sponsorship packages suitable suitable for your needs. Link: Apply to Exhibit and/or Sponsor


KoboldCon 2020 is setting up shop this year in the AMAZING Great Wolf Lodge of Colorado Springs!

In addition to some of the best tabletop gaming in Colorado Springs, you and the family can also join in the fun around the resort as well!

  • Slip, slide, and swim in the Water Park

  • Have fun at the playground with arcade games, miniature golf, rock-climbing, bowling, and tons more!

  • Play all weekend long with your kids as they walk through the INCREDIBLY detailed MagiQuest game - defeating orcs and goblins and dragons!

  • Enjoy awesome food and beverages in any of the restaurants and shops all throughout the resort!



KoboldCon 2020 is proud to partner with Great Wolf Lodge of Colorado Springs for both AMAZING lodging rates over the weekend, as well as THE PERFECT get-away for our convention goers at the Resort!

We have a block of rooms that will be available in phases for our attendees. The discount for these rooms is UNBEATABLE so don't miss the opportunity to get in early!

Room codes will be released with your convention badge

  • Tiamat Badges: January 5th, 2020

  • Great Wyrm Badges: January 19th, 2020

  • Chieftain Badges: January 26th, 2020

  • Weekend and Game Day Passes: February 2nd, 2020


HOW DOES MY GROUP, STORE, OR I GET INVOLVED? Shoot us an email with your contact information and let us know how you would like to be involved. Below for are some ideas and additional information:

  • Gaming Clubs or Organizations. We offer discounts for members of local gaming clubs and organizations, and we will have a table for flyers and other promotional information for your group or upcoming event. Organizers can contact us to qualify and arrange a discount code for members who purchase their tickets online. Your group or organization can also earn discounts by volunteering to help at the con. Interested in Volunteering? Email Us: events@koboldcon.com

  • Local Business. We thrive on local business partnerships! If you would like to offer goods and services to our guests, please contact us. Businesses interested in purchasing vendor space at the convention, sponsoring features or tables, advertising in the program, or exchange prize support for promotion at the con should contact us directly. Interested in sponsoring? Email Us: events@koboldcon.com

  • Individuals may participate as players and event organizers, and need not be part of a larger group to do so. See our Volunteers and Events pages for details. Email Us: events@koboldcon.com


KoboldCon is organized, staffed, and promoted by members of several different local organizations, including: Colorado Springs Tabletop Gaming, Colorado Gaming Conventions, Lair of Wonders Productions, The Blackwood Society, and WizCo Games, LLC.

The convention is financed by Kobold Company LLC. Sales of tickets and merchandise, vendor fees, and sponsorships are also managed by Kobold Company LLC. Kobold Company and Kobold Company, LLC are Internet-based, gamers-first organizations dedicated to producing game-related content and organize events.