GOBfest 2022

Live Auction

Returning in 2022!

We are hosting another auction this year. Often a highlight at many other similar conventions, this is your opportunity to acquire "new to you" games or sell some of those games sitting on your shelf gathering dust.

The auction will be cash only! Please visit the ATM before the start of the auction.

The auction will be from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Saturday. We expect to have room for about 200 games in the auction this year. Please arrive approximately 15 mins early so we can start promptly. We're selling a game approximately every 30 seconds!

Live Auction Procedure

The auction will be conducted a little different than traditional auctions. Instead of raising your hand to offer a higher incremental bid, we'll ask everyone interested to hold their hand up at the beginning while we slowly increase the price. Continue to hold your hand up to remain in the bidding. If the price increases above your maximum, simply lower your hand. The last person with their hand up wins the item at the last price given. One of our runners will then bring the game to the winner and collect payment immediately.

Don't worry, we'll run through an example of this live before we begin the actual auction.

Again it is cash only!

GOBfest accepts no responsibility for the condition of games sold. All sellers are required to provide a summary of information about their game(s) for review by buyers. Listed games will be on display for viewing prior to the auction.

Information for sellers

If you wish to sell games in the auction, this information is for you. Due to a limited number of spaces available in the auction, we are limiting accepted games to boardgames and card games. Bundles are acceptable (ie. base game bundled with expansions). Please no listing of accessories. GOBfest reserves the right to refuse any proposed items for sale.

Submitted games may be dropped off any time after the doors open. However, all games must be dropped off before Saturday at noon to allow us sufficient time to prepare for the auction.

Each listing will cost USD$2.25 (approx CAD$3). Please note, the system charges in USD so we have approximated CAD ticket price in USD. Please purchase a separate ticket for each item/bundle to be sold. At this time, we're asking people to limit purchased slots to 10 per person. As we get closer to GOBfest, we'll open up all unsold slots should you wish to purchase more. Buy your listings here.

Once accepted, we will be asking you to provide the following information:

For the condition, please identify your game as:

If you do not set a reserve price, you are willing to accept whatever price the game fetches at auction. Otherwise, your reserve is the minimum value you are willing to accept. We will begin the auction for this item at the reserve value. If there are no bids, there will be no sale. The auction fee is non-refundable so a lower reserve price increases the likelihood of sale.

We expect all submitted games to be complete with no missing components, rules, etc. If it is not, please identify this in the other notes.